Restaurants on both side of the St. Louis city-county border weigh in on upcoming county COVID restrictions

MAPLEWOOD, MO – The dividing line between St. Louis City and County could make a huge difference when it comes to restaurants that stay in business.

Due to Covid-19, this will be the last weekend county restaurants can cater to diners inside.

The new district restriction begins on Tuesday and lasts for at least four weeks.

Qui Trans family owns the Mai Lee Restaurant.

He said, “It will hit us tremendously, like many restaurants in town.”

Tran doesn’t blame County Executive Sam Page for the order, he said we were all to blame. Tran added, “I think we need to be responsible and look out for each other and these are some of the things that I think we need to be responsible and look out for, and we don’t.”

His family owns another restaurant in Creve Coeur and this one in town that they can still serve indoor dining. Nevertheless, there will be holidays in some companies.

Michael’s restaurant is in town. It’s only about five doors from the dividing line between town and county. But they are not happy. Katina Malliotakis’ family has been owned by Michael for 42 years. She said, “We don’t know if it will happen to us sooner or later, I feel for the other restaurants. That will be a hardship for everyone. “

About a block or two west, beyond the dividing line into the county, is Acero. Adam Gnau is the general manager of the restaurant. He said, “Very frustrating, right there we can look down the street and see it.”

He said his restaurants are very safe and they follow all guidelines. He said if the health department can inspect restaurants for things like food safety then inspect them for Covid-19 safety as well and if they pass the inspection allow them to stay open.

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