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I thought I saw the height of buying pots as a teenager.

Back then, one of the people I often went to to buy weeds had come up with an ingenious way of selling his goods from his parents’ basement. This guy, who I’ll refer to as This Guy in the future (not to be confused with The Guy or That Guy), had a small doorbell on the outside of his basement window. But instead of ringing a bell when pressed, the button was connected to a lamp. So when someone came to pick up a bag, they simply hit the button a couple of times and a light started flashing in This Guy’s room to alert them of the presence of a customer. This guy then opened his window, greeted everyone who stood outside and provided them with whatever they wanted to buy.

It was really awesome. This man’s parents weren’t the wiser because they didn’t even notice people coming over and sneaking into their back yard, hearing anything when people showed up. It was also the arduous ritual of having to sit in your trader’s house pretending to take care of everything he had to say, since you were gone in minutes and not invited at all. Really, it was a great setup.

And while it’s still fair to say that this was the most convenient way I’ve ever bought ten strips of acid pills in my life, we have an exciting new contender on the weed front (517 South Florissant Road, Ferguson; 844-785-9333).

The ordering process here is even easier than the brilliant idea this guy came up with. Customers simply jump into Greenlight’s online menu, choose what they want, and then upload photos of their ID and health card. Once the order is accepted, you will receive a series of text messages letting you know its status until finally you are informed that it is time to collect your goods.

The drive-through itself is at the back of Greenlight’s Ferguson facility and looks less like a fast food situation than an automatic car wash. Customers stop at a book door and wait for it to open. You will then drive into a small garage with a window. There you hand over your ID and your health card, and you will soon receive a bag with your goods. Then a second book door opens and you are on your way. No must, no fuss.

This process was a dream and certainly a big selling point for Greenlight, but I still wanted to get a good feel for the pharmacy itself. After completing this transaction, I parked my car in front of the house and went inside. Greenlight differs from many local pharmacies in that it doesn’t seem too difficult to distinguish yourself as a house of medicine that can feel kind of stuffy – when I visited, for example, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes and Nelly all played over the house speakers, that I’ve never heard of in my doctor’s office. As a fan of radio rap in the early 2000s, I found it a welcome development. On entry, I gave the person behind the reception desk my ID and my health card and sat in a small waiting area for a moment before my budget tender came and led me to the sales area.

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