Sauce Magazine – 11 dog-friendly patios in St. Louis

11 dog-friendly courtyards in St. Louis

Toast with your real dogs on these puppy-friendly patios

It’s perfect outside and you want to enjoy a beer or a meal with the whole gang. However, when the entire gang includes your dogs, finding an inclusive spot can be difficult. Fortunately, you’re barking at the right tree as many saucer and sauce interns often drink puppies in tow. Here is a list of dog-friendly places to help you get howled the patio season properly.

The boathouse in Forest Park
6101 Government Drive, St. Louis, 314.366.1555,
If you take your dog for a walk in Forest Park, visit the boathouse to do something good for your dog. You know what? Get a reward too. Because you deserve it. A dog menu was recently added that includes burger patties, strips of bacon, chicken breasts, hot dogs and a Purina Frosty Paw Cup.

The dog house Soulard
1800 p. 10th St., St. Louis, 314.809.1817,
In the Doghaus Soulard, dogs can roam the terrace and the second floor of the bar. With an annual membership, dogs have access to the local dog park for a whole year. Try a day pass for a $ 10 trial so your pup can enjoy the day there while you enjoy a dessert of Gelato di Riso.

Narwhal is made
3906 Laclede Ave., St. Louis, 314.696.8388,
Share a frozen treat with your little bud on the Narwhal’s terrace – they offer homemade frozen dog treats like peanut butter and banana, as well as a berry yogurt flavor. However, they have huge frozen cocktails for you.

Tamm Avenue Bar
1227 Tamm Ave., St. Louis, 314.261.4902, Facebook: Tamm Avenue Bar
Although your dog is not allowed to enter the bar, you have rear access to the terrace bar. There they provide your dog with water bowls and treats and you with beer and pastrami sandwiches from Nomad.

Shameless reasons
1901 Withnell Ave., St. Louis, 314.449.1240,
Shameless Grounds provides your dog with puppy fat as well as water bowls to keep them hydrated in the heat. (De) hydrate yourself with a cup of coffee while you are at it.

Molly is in Soulard
816 Geyer Ave., St. Louis, 314.241.6200,
As long as you keep your dog on a leash, Molly’s well behaved dogs allow them to run around the patio by your side. For your information, “well behaved” is not relative and does not change even though you drink 3 buckets of beer on your human buds.

Urban Chestnut Brewing Co.
Various locations, 314.222.0143,
Urban Chestnut always welcomes your dog and not just German Shepherds. (Because it’s a Bavarian-style brewery that specializes in lager beers. Got it? Thank you, thank you.) Bring your furry friends to the lawn to the east of Grove Brewery & Bierhall.

2028 S. Ninth St., Soulard, 314.773.5565,
Hammerstone has rules that dogs can always be vaccinated when they are on a leash, are not allowed to sit on chairs or tables, and are not allowed to eat from utensils and dishes. Wouldn’t hurt if you were vaccinated too.

Salt + smoke
Various locations, 314.727.0200,
All Salt + Smoke locations allow dogs on the patio and provide water for dogs. We didn’t look at this, but there is probably no law against you if you share some of your burned T-Ravs or chest pieces with your dog. Why should you have all the fun?

The royale
3132 S. Kingshighway, 314.772.3600,
Good mood for the dog, good drinks for you, fish tacos for everyone. Everyone wins.

Rockwell Beer Co.
1320 S. Vandeventer Ave., 314.256.1657,
Many good boys were spotted on Rockwell Terrace enjoying crafted bone dog delicacies. Rockwell won’t sell your dog beer, but whatever, our dogs prefer Miller High Life anyway.

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