Sauce Magazine – 3 new restaurants in St. Louis to try this month

3 new St. Louis restaurants to try this month

Don Alfonso’s house
When you step into Casa Don Alfonso, you will know that you are waiting for something special. The original location of the restaurant, Don Alfonso 1890, is a two Michelin-starred restaurant in the southern Italian region of Campania. Traditional Neapolitan cuisine is on the menu. The baked tiny gnocchi look like pillow-shaped potato dumplings in a simple tomato sauce topped with cheese and served in a delightful copper pot. You can’t miss the pizzas; The margherita was excellent with bubbly fior di latte cheese and a browned crust from the wood oven. While many products, like grandma’s ziti with anchovies and cherry tomatoes, are humble dishes with classic flavors, others feature the marinated red snapper veils with thin snap disks dotted with orange, mint yogurt and pink pepper, specialty ingredients. Made with delicate layers of phyllo batter and topped with cinnamon cream, the sfogliatella dessert shows great baking skills.
100 Carondelet Plaza, Clayton, 314.719.1496,

Basic food + wine
Root Food + Wine is located in a cottage in quaint downtown Augusta. But don’t be fooled by the cosiness – the culinary experience in this upscale restaurant from farm to table is as finely tuned as you would expect in the big city. The duck pastrami starter featured bite-sized pieces of smoky duck breast coated with coins made from pickled beetroot and a pinch of grainy dill mustard and horseradish foam. The gnocchi with curry chicken from Buttonwood Farms, peas and the smallest baby carrots gave all the freshness of spring, as did the intensely aromatic spring vegetable soup, which was served with a pho-inspired vegetable broth laced with aniseed. Developed by bartender Dylan O’Hara, the cocktail program features twists and turns on classic beverages like the Fizzbarb, a variant of a rhubarb-flavored Ramos Gin Fizz, while the succinct wine list includes bottles from nearby Noboleis Vineyards as well as a selection from New World, Old World and even New Zealand wineries.
5525 Walnut St., Augusta, 636.544.1009,

C. Oliver coffee + flower bar
Next time you’re hungry at the Galleria, skip the food court and head to the C. Oliver Coffee + Flower Bar on the second level just outside Nordstrom. In Oliver’s sweet salad, fresh vegetables, creamy goat cheese, tomatoes, onions and candied walnuts are served with a maple vinaigrette. We enjoyed the caprese sandwich with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto on a toasted ciabatta bun, as well as the oli salami sandwich with salami and Swiss cheese and an optional side of Dijon mustard. The savory-sweet Oli breakfast cake was another winner with a flaky crust that covered pear, bacon, brie, and pistachio with a generous splash of honey.
1155 Saint Louis Galleria Parkway, Richmond Heights, 314.239.3156, Facebook: C. Oliver Coffee + Flower Bar

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