Sauce Magazine – 5 new St. Louis restaurants to try this month

5 New St. Louis Restaurants To Try This Month

Beast Southern Kitchen & BBQ
The married couple Meggan and David Sandusky are back with their third Beast barbecue area. Like the other restaurants in the group, the new location offers a special selection of classic southern dishes as well as St. Louis-style grilled dishes. Boudin balls made from Beast’s homemade pork sausage are filled with paprika and rice and served with a spicy tartar sauce. The massive chicken po’boy is served on a strong baguette that is roasted with Creole-seasoned beef tallow and crispy roasted chicken thighs that have been soaked in buttermilk for 24 hours before roasting. Both the seasoned French fries and the smooth allspice grains are welcome additions to any starter. If you can add the homemade allspice to any of the dishes, go for it. Finish your meal with the flavors of the not-too-sweet bourbon pecan cake with bittersweet chocolate.

Clara B’s kitchen table
This Belleville breakfast food truck is worth the hunt. The sausage biscuit, made from sausage from the local butcher Kenrick’s Meats & Catering, features perfectly cooked eggs under a blanket of melting Swiss-American cheese on a homemade biscuit. The avocado toast is reminiscent of molletes, an open-faced Mexican sandwich. Black beans with cumin and jalapeno spices, avocado, cheese, tomatoes and eggs on a slice of homemade ciabatta for a filling vegetarian plate. The $ 3 each tacos were a lighter option; We tried the chorizo ​​and black bean made on a whole butter tortilla from popular Texan grocery chain HEB. (If you know, you know.) Make sure the reaper drizzle is on the side – it’s a sweet potato and carrot salsa flavored with fermented Carolina Reaper chilies for light acidity and a dash of warmth to care.

Golden Grocer
A long-standing Central West End health food store has moved to a larger space in Forest Park Southeast. The expanded floor space enables an expanded juice bar from Soular Smoothie & Juice and a café under the management of Adinas Vegan Cuisine. When we left the menu of the day was Mexican, so we treated ourselves to savory enchiladas with red sauce made from mushrooms and vegan cheese, warm orzo with Mexican spices, and a kale salad with a zesty lemon and lime dressing. The sweet and earthy Chlorophyllian Smoothie contained a dash of chlorophyll and green powder mixed with mango, strawberry, chia seeds, beet sugar and coconut water or almond milk of your choice. While you wait for your smoothie or juice, shop around the store’s retail stores for fresh produce, nutritional supplements, natural beauty products, or even a hula hoop.

Pizzeria da Gloria
Pizzaiolo Joe Kurowski’s new restaurant on the hill must be eaten for anyone looking for the next big slice of St. Louis. After studying in some of the best pizzerias in New York City and Naples, Italy, Kurowski returned home to create something of his own. Choose from fantastic wooden cakes with delicious combinations of ingredients such as ezzo peppers and pickled jalapeno, roasted aubergines with garlic and chili oil or mozzarella, which is homemade from curd cheese and stretched on tomato sauce. If that wasn’t enough, the new natural wine program at Pizzeria da Gloria is sure to offer some perfectly balanced sips.

If you love the Kitchen Kulture breakfast sandwich at Tower Grove Farmers’ Market, you have reason enough to check out Songbird, the new Forest Park Southeast spot by Mike Miller and Chris Meyer, the duo behind Kitchen Kulture and Brick-and- Mortar Kounter Kulture. The combo, a sandwich with bacon, eggs and cheese served on buttered sourdough, builds on the cult status of the breakfast sandwich. It is available with a recommended, but optional, honey drizzle. The menu also offers new breakfast ideas like a homemade rye biscuit made from Janie’s Mill rye flour and topped with their own salmon, crème fraiche and dill. The Sausage and Egg Biscuit adds to the familiar with a sprouted English muffin, local turkey sausage, and brown butter aioli; Each component receives the star treatment. While you’re there, caffeinate with a drink from the coffee menu that Sump Coffee made especially for you.

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