Sauce Magazine – 9 reasons to visit Tequila Mexican Restaurant in south St. Louis County

9 reasons to visit Tequila Mexican restaurant in southern St. Louis County

Sure, you enjoy the food, but sometimes the general vibe of a restaurant has something that keeps you coming back. The Mexican restaurant Tequila in Oakville is one of those places. Join South County’s many regulars at the bar, or grab a cozy booth and browse multiple rimmed pitchers. Whatever you order, you are going to have a good time.

1. “Tequila” isn’t just a convenient namesake. From trendy bottles of Casamigos and Class Azul to the tequila lover El Tesoro, the selection of spirits should not be underestimated.

2. Many members of the friendly staff have worked there for years, which gives it an undeniable cheers atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if asked if you want to take a seat in a specific server area.

3. The Skillet Pollo Mexicano Entrée offers grilled chicken and prawns in an aromatic sauce. Pro tip: Sub-Mexican rice, which is delicious on its own and also absorbs the meat’s delicious juices much better, for the standard mashed potatoes side.

4. People watching is top notch. Locals like to get a little noisy at the bar, and karaoke is not uncommon.

5. We love the deep, comfortable cabins that frame the large dining room. After a year of isolation, we dream of joining up with friends over baskets of fries and salsa.

6. A jug of margaritas is a must. Visit us on a Thursday for $ 3 off the usual $ 18 price.

7. The mall’s humble location encompasses other gems worth checking out such as Drunken Noodles Taste of Thai and Cake House Designs, whose coconut macaroons are popular with the sauce staff.

8. Everyone feels welcome in the lively atmosphere, from your spirited toddler to your buddy with the embarrassingly loud laugh.

9. Skip dessert and end your night with a frozen mango coronarita instead. You heard us The carbonated lager slowly seeps into the icy, flavorful cocktail with an added dose of mango sweetness that is the perfect finish to a salty meal.

5496 Baumgartner Road, Suite 119, Oakville, 314.416.1945,

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