Sauce Magazine – First Look: The Golden Hoosier in south St. Louis

First look: The Golden Hoosier in the south of St. Louis

The Golden Hoosier is slated to open at 3707 S. Kingshighway Blvd in early May. in Südstadt. The space that once housed the Southtown Pub has been completely renovated as part of the Crown District, a section of Kingshighway Boulevard from Magnolia Avenue to Eichelberger Street. The real estate agency Garcia Properties owns and is renovating several properties there.

The owners of Garcia Properties, brothers Ivan and Berto Garcia, have renovated the space, taking care to retain and restore some of the original design elements. Bespoke glass that matches the bar’s original mirror and antique frosted glass lights that reflect the Art Deco style give the space a finished look. Other internal details, from mounted taxidermists to the sheet metal ceiling to original artwork, make for a truly breathtaking space. The interior has two levels, which are about 2,750 square meters in total and offer space for around 179 people, while the outdoor terrace, which is referred to as “The Campground”, is 2,000 square meters and offers 75 seats.

Chef Colleen Clawson, owner of the temporarily closed Milque Toast Bar, runs the kitchen. Amanda Gaines, who ran the bar at Atomic Cowboy and Milagro, was hired as general manager and also worked on developing the drinks menu.

“The cocktail menu is inspired by weeks of meetings with Ivan and Berto who have one [Mexican] Heritage – it’s important to them that the margarita is right and that the paloma is authentic, ”said Gaines. The El Dorado Margarita is made from Cazadores reposado tequila and Pierre Ferrand dry Curaçao and finished with gold dust, while the spicy En Fuego Margarita has a dash of jalapeno agave nectar and a tajin rim. The cocktail list also features a number of classics like a daiquiri with toasted flaked almonds and an old-fashioned one with mezcal mist. “I wanted to create a menu that would make everyone feel a little familiar and adventurous, regardless of their cocktail background,” explained Gaines.

The drinks menu also includes spirits such as mezcal, gin and whiskey. The Backwoods Barbie Flight (named after Dolly Parton) consists of 1 ounce of pomegranate agave liqueur, cazadores blanco and reposado tequilas, and 5 ounces of bush beer and is served with edible flowers, lime cubes, and coffee crumbs. “Lime and coffee completely change the taste of the tequila, pulling out chocolate and deeper notes,” said Gaines. Flights like this are designed for guests to personalize: add the liquor to your beer or pour a little in your tequila to combine the flavors and create a one-of-a-kind experience.

On the food side, Chef Colleen Clawson wanted the menu to be accessible but a little more than the usual pub fare. Clawson revives a few dishes from their Baba Xavi pop-up, like smoked tandoori wings and spiced fish and chips fried in a pakora batter and served with curry mayo. Other dishes include The Little Frenchie, a ham, andouille sausage, and sirloin sandwich inspired by a trip to Portugal, while the Superman Potato, a baked Yukon gold potato with Tillamook cheddar fondue, charred peppers and onions, and an assortment of Proteins a reef on a similar one from her favorite deli, Mally’s in north St. Louis. “It is my guilty pleasure to eat,” Clawson said. Other dishes like vegan enchiladas and vegetarian sloppy joes want to offer something for everyone.

The Golden Hoosier is open seven days a week from 4 p.m. to midnight and finally offers a lunch service. Check out the slideshow below for a look at the new restaurant and bar.

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