Sauce Magazine – St. Louis County to expand restaurant capacity to 50% tomorrow, Feb. 11

St. Louis County Will Expand Restaurant Capacity To 50% Tomorrow, Feb.11

St. Louis County has a revised Public Health Ordinance that increases the capacity of indoor restaurants and bars from 25% to 50%. The new rules will take effect on Thursday, February 11th at 12:01 am. The news came via a press release posted yesterday, February 9th, on the Twitter feed of Sam Page, the executive director of St. Louis County.

The revised Public Health Ordinance allows restaurants to open either 50% or “the number of tables in the facility that individual groups can sit 6 feet from other individual groups” whichever is lower. Banquet facilities can also be opened to 50% or 50 people or less for facilities that can accommodate 100 or more people.

“The change comes with a decrease in cases and an improvement in related metrics, including hospitalizations, along with continued strict compliance with public health regulations,” the press release said. “All other security restrictions for employees and customers remain in place.”

Page said the decision to increase capacity is a collaborative one. “We have been measured and thoughtful in our response to this pandemic and listened carefully to our various advisory groups on how to reopen our stores in a way that is safe for employees and customers,” he said.

The revised capacity restrictions follow an earlier complete shutdown of indoor restaurants on November 17, 2020. When restaurants were allowed to reopen on January 4, capacity was limited to 25%.

Restaurants and bars must be closed for indoor and outdoor sales until 11 p.m. (extended from 10 p.m. last week). However, pick-up and delivery services are not subject to curfew. Customers must wear face masks at all times when interacting with or being served by a restaurant employee and must remain seated unless they use the restroom.

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