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Songbird’s steak and egg takeover is St. Louis through and through. Instead of a generic T-bone, Meyer and Miller combine two fried eggs with a 9-ounce Newman Farm pork steak and cheesy grains. However, no Maulls can be seen on this plate; Instead, apple compote just adds a touch of sweetness to the pork and gives the dish a nice feel at lunchtime.

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  • Breakfast tamale filled with Cotija cheese, garnished with steamed black beans, coriander crema and a fried egg.

Meyer and Miller attribute breakfast tamale to one of their chefs, Chino; He should receive an award for such an example of breakfast glory. The masa filled with Cotija cheese serves as the basis for a deeply rich and hearty stew with black beans. There is only a whisper of spice in the finish, though you can reinforce that with Songbird’s zesty hot sauce (recommended). Coriander crema and a fried egg crown this excellent dish.

Songbird’s collaboration with Sump goes beyond coffee service. The Sump Coffee Poundcake is a wonderful almond flour breakfast treat that is nutty and subtly sweet. Served with homemade coffee jelly and delicious coconut cream, this is exactly what you want to pair with Sumps premium coffee.

Hopefully the guests will soon be able to linger on Songbird’s terrace with a piece of pound cake and a cup of coffee. Meyer and Miller envision the small restaurant as a combination of take-away and dine-in service, with limited indoor seating and a little more outdoor space on the sidewalks to the side of the building. In the meantime, however, they have absolutely mastered the roadside, not just in terms of accuracy and ease of ordering, but also in terms of how well their take-away turns out. The dishes are beautifully packaged with the same care as if they were covered with white tablecloths for service, and the food is impeccably prepared. In this case, the yolk on every egg I ordered was still runny when I ate it about twenty minutes after packing – no small thing, but would you expect less from the people who made a name for themselves by making a name for themselves? us breakfast sandwich perfection?

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