St. Louis area businesses, patrons react to rollback of mask rules for people with COVID vaccine

ST. LOUIS- You can take the masks off in St. Louis City and County if you got the Covid-19 vaccine.

Customers and business owners in both areas are now taking off their masks and finding out this new “maskless” world.

After more than a year of mask mandates and recommendations from health officials, the CDC says that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks in most situations.

Melissa, who works in downtown St. Louis, says she is ready to get rid of wearing a mask.
“I was just picking up food on my lunch break and I’m very excited to see you picking up the mask mandate while you eat inside.”

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The move gives business owners like those at Hi Pointe Burger and Fries restaurant in downtown St. Louis the freedom to decide whether or not masks are still required in their operations. “We are waiting for guidance from the health department and the city. Once we reach upper management, we will look at each of our restaurants and those are the rules we will follow,” said Melanie Pritchett.

Some customers say that although some companies may remove the required facial mask shields, they will continue to wear one even though the mask mandate is lifted. “Personally, I will continue to wear a mask. I think everyone has their rights whether they want to wear it or not. But I’ll always think of safety first, ”said Ed Russell.

The city museum announced on Friday that masks will continue to be required for all guests aged 9 and over, without exception. Employees will continue to wear masks.

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