St. Louis Area Diaper Bank and The Little Bit Foundation Partner Providing period supplies to area schools and their students | Community

(St. Louis, Mon., March 17, 2021) – The St. Louis Area Diaper Bank and its Alliance for Period Supplies initiative are working with the Little Bit Foundation to help the St. Louis area schools and their students with period needs to supply. The partnership will offer 100,000 period products to 2,500 menstrual students. Recently, the Missouri House of Representatives proposed two separate bills requiring school districts to provide free period products to middle schools, high schools, and charter schools.

“We are so grateful to cement this partnership with St. Louis Area Diaper Bank and we look forward to providing another vital resource to our families who are facing even greater financial difficulties during these troubled times,” said Rosemary Hanley , CEO and Co-Founder of The Little Bit Foundation. “No parent should have to decide which basic need to sacrifice today.”

Currently, only three states in the United States – California, Illinois, and New York – require schools serving students in grades 6 through 12 to offer menstrual products in toilets for free. As a result, millions of girls across the country are forced to bring these products from home and feel uncomfortable and lose their class time when they have to leave class to go to the bathroom or ask the school nurse or friend for one if they don’t have some.

“Menstrual products are largely viewed as a luxury rather than a basic necessity, and this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Many people don’t realize that period poverty is real in the US, ”said Muriel Smith, executive director of the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank and its Alliance for Period Supplies initiative. “St. Louis students are more likely to suffer from poverty than last year due to the pandemic. “

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