St. Louis Auto Show, St. Charles Home Show draw large crowds

The St. Louis Auto Show and the St. Charles Home Show both draw large crowds this weekend

ST. LOUIS – The downtown St. Louis Auto Show at the America’s Center and the St. Charles Home Show at the St. Charles Convention Center are two of the earliest major events to be held in the area during the COVID-19 era.

Around 27 different manufacturers present new vehicles at the auto show. For some people, the event is an opportunity to see the latest makes and models. For others, it’s just a chance to get out of the house.

Doug Smith, executive vice president of the St. Louis Auto Dealers Association, said the show was a return to “normal”.

“It’s been going on for 70 years and St. Louis is a car-crazy subway area. We have plumbing stations all over the building and hand-washing stations all over the building. We need masks to come in. We limit the number of people that come to the building every hour Show can come, “said Smith.

James Bradley said he and his wife Ardra were present “just to get out of the house”.

“It’s been a year since we saw the auto show, so we’re excited to see how it is this year,” said Ardra.

Smith said the St. Louis Auto Show generally draws about 90,000 people, but this year capacity was limited to about half that number.

“That was the number that was determined by the St. Louis City Health Department in coordination with America’s Center and our show staff based on our numbers, layout, configuration, and square footage of the building,” he said.

Jaber Qasem, who attended the show on Saturday, said he was a fan of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer. was asked if he works in the auto industry.

“I think Jeep threw it out of the park. You’re the star of the show,” he said before taking a selfie with his family in front of the America’s Center.

He said he wasn’t worried about COVID-19.

“We wear the masks. We take the precautions. And we have to get on with our lives,” said Qasem.

Both the auto show and the home show last until Sunday.

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