St. Louis churches reconsider COVID mask policies

Catholic Archdiocese officials say people who have not been fully vaccinated should continue to wear masks

ST. LOUIS – Changes in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and mask mandates for the city and county of St. Louis mean District Churches are revisiting the issue.

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At Webster Groves Presbyterian Church, Pastor Ed Zumwinkel told Church members that despite the change in mask mandate in the city and county of St. Louis, he is asking that churchgoers wear their masks for at least this Sunday.

“In our church we are an advisory body, and there is a committee that has to review this,” said Zumwinkel. “Since we haven’t had time to check this out, I have asked everyone to keep the masks because, as Christians, we think of other people first. “

In a statement released Friday, officials from the Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis say current COVID reduction strategies in schools will be maintained, in part because schools are completing a successful school year.

In Catholic churches – like the cathedral – people who have not yet been vaccinated are asked to keep wearing their masks.

“I’m confident that changes in mask requirements and the like won’t make more people sick,” said churchgoer Mike Bogdan.

“Personally, I think if I am fully vaccinated I don’t need the mask, but I respect the individual organizations,” said Xianyu Liu.

Joyce and Robert Smith are vacationing in Ohio.

“We both had COVID,” said Joyce. “It was no different for any of us than a sinus infection. We were blessed. “

A reporter pointed out that Joyce was wearing a mask.

“I am,” she said, “because you need it. We haven’t been vaccinated. “

“When we were in Branson they were a little more relaxed,” added Robert. “But we weren’t in church here. Whatever the church demands, we will do it. We don’t have to agree to anything. “

“Absolutely,” added Joyce.

Pastor Zumwinkel said a committee from the Webster Groves Presbyterian Church will meet on Tuesday to discuss changes to mask policy. Catholic Archdiocese officials say church-level capacity constraints are left to individual pastors.

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