St. Louis CITY SC shares its updated plans for a downtown stadium district

Major League Soccer’s expansion franchise, St. Louis CITY SC, has published and released more details on the 22,500-seat open-air stadium and the surrounding downtown “stadium district” currently taking place in Missouri’s second largest soccer-loving city updated the design renderings.

The stadium, designed by HOK and Snow Kreilich Architects of Minneapolis, with what the team calls “integrated, high-performance city design”, is described in press materials as “more than just a sports venue” that functions as an inclusive audience even on days outside the asset Game. The stadium is also intended to serve as a “junction” between two of the city’s most important cultural attributes: Gateway Arch on the Mississippi and historic Forest Park, which extends over 1,300 acres west of downtown St. Louis. A close neighbor of the stadium under construction is St. Louis Union Station, which was the largest and busiest train terminal in the world when it opened in 1894 and is still a popular entertainment complex with an aquarium and a huge height of 200 feet Ferris wheel that opened last year.

View of an independent team outpost across from the new stadium. (Courtesy St. Louis CITY SC)

“We designed the stadium district in such a way that it is more than just about sports. It is an important connection point in Downtown West, connecting Union Station and companies on Olive Street, while also anchoring the west end of the Gateway Mall, ”said Julie Snow, co-founder of Snow Kreilich Architects. “We envision a truly integrated stadium district that is part of the structure of St. Louis. The energy from the stadium not only flows into the district and the city, but also into the city. “

According to an update provided by CITY, the early construction phase, which began in February of this year and includes clearance, excavation and foundation work, is now complete. The construction team will be placing structural steel on the construction site this month. To commemorate this milestone, a total of 11 football fans have the opportunity to sign the stadium’s first steel beam.

Depiction of a soccer field in St. Louis CityEach seat in the stadium is both state-of-the-art and intimate and is located within 30 meters of the field of play. (Courtesy St. Louis CITY SC)

Newly released design details for the $ 400 million stadium that will be open on all sides with no “back door” include: Outside terraces on the upper level with a view of the St. Louis skyline, the “the Energy from “bringing the city in” and connecting “every view, experience and overall design to the fabric of St. Louis”; similarly worth seeing restaurant and concession areas in the northeast corner of the stadium; pitch-level box boxes that “Combining the intimacy of stadium box seating and the upscale amenities of an Executive Suite”; Various design improvements in the East Plaza area are intended to keep the area at the western end of the Gateway Mall accessible and fully activated year-round new set of entry points towards 22nd Street for fans from the northwest and southwest to enter the stadium.

View of the skyline including the ferris wheel from a soccer stadiumThe stadium design features cityscapes like the Gateway Arch and a more recent addition to the St. Louis skyline, a giant ferris wheel. (Courtesy St. Louis CITY SC)

As reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the stadium was originally scheduled to be completed in March 2022 before the MLS season, although the coronavirus has postponed the stadium’s public debut until the 2023 season. Despite the delay, the stadium is still on track to be completed in 2022. The 2023 season will be the first for CITY, launched in August 2019 as the first majority-owned female MLS franchise. (The owner group includes female members of the Taylor family of St. Louis-based Rent Rent-A-Car.)

Illustration of spectators watching a soccer game in St. Louis CITYView of the seating area “VIP Pitch Club”. (Courtesy St. Louis CITY SC) Overhead display of the traffic plan for the new St. Lous CITY stadiumIn order to create a better connection to the surrounding Downtown West district, the stadium is open on all sides, with no pronounced front or back. (Courtesy St. Louis CITY SC)

Aside from pandemic-related delays, the stadium project has largely gone smoothly so far, although heritage preservers were upset in September when the city approved plans to demolish a number of brick buildings – not historic, but very characteristic of downtown West – way for a stadium-facing route Parking spot. The move prompted Councilor Christine Ingrassia to introduce laws that would change the way the city handles demolition requests.

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