St. Louis City SC Updates Stadium Design As MLS Expansion Nears

Updated renderings for the future St. Louis City SC Stadium do not show a “back door” to downtown … [+] Conference location.

Schnee Kreilich Architects

St. Louis City SC has a fresh perspective on a new downtown West stadium that the club plans to open in time for the MLS launch in 2023.

In collaboration with the architecture office HOK and Julie Snow, co-founder of Snow Kreilich Architects, the club has expanded its Downtown West stadium district in order to create new connection points between The Gateway Arch and Forest Park.

The open-air stadium, located west of Union Station, has a mix of updates that focus on bringing together experiences inside and outside the venue. “We designed the stadium district in such a way that it is more than just about sport,” says Snow. “It’s a key junction in Downtown West, connecting Union Station and businesses on Olive Street, while also anchoring the west end of Gateway Mall.”

St. Louis City SC Stadium

The terraces on the upper level of the planned St. Louis City SC stadium offer a unique view of the playing field … [+] and into town.

Schnee Kreilich Architects

Each side of the stadium will be open to ensure that it has no “back door” and that it blends in better with the urban environment. “The stadium design offers our fans an incredible variety of match days, compelling lines of sight, and lots of energy – from pitch-level box boxes to upper-level outdoor terraces and everything in between,” said Matt Sebek, St. Louis City’s chief experience officer SC. “We are fortunate to have this experience in a timely time in the industry and we have the rare opportunity to create a commitment that is safe, smooth and individual both inside and outside our stadium.”

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The latest updates include new entries in the stadium on the 22ndStreet page as well as direct access to the suites. The East Plaza expands the fan experience to promote community experiences outside the game area within the stadium area. The design includes new restaurant and concession areas with city views in the north corners of the stadium. Upper outside terraces, also with a view of the field and the skyline of St. Louis, create new perspectives within the building.

“We envision a truly integrated stadium district that is part of the structure of St. Louis,” says Snow. “The energy from the stadium not only flows into the district and the city, but also into the city.”

St. Louis City SC Stadium

Boxing boxes at pitch level offer an action-oriented experience within the planned St. Louis City SC … [+] Stadion.

Schnee Kreilich Architects

Box boxes at pitch level aim to combine the intimacy of stadium box suites with upscale amenities and at the same time offer an action-oriented fan experience. The club had previously announced that no 22,500-seat indoor seat would be more than 120 feet from the pitch, with the closest seats 15 feet from the contact line.

The construction with excavations, drilling piles and concrete foundations has already started. Structural steel will give shape to the venue starting this month. St. Louis City SC expects the stadium to be completed in the summer of 2022.

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