St. Louis Community Foundation Grants $117 Million to Nonprofits in 2020

ST. LOUIS – (BUSINESS WIRE) – With more than $ 117 million granted to 2,300 nonprofits in St. Louis and around the world, the St. Louis Community Foundation and its donors had another record year in 2020, St. Louis officials said Community Foundation known today.

“Last year the St. Louis area demonstrated again why it is consistently ranked one of the most generous in the nation,” said Amelia Bond, president and CEO of the St. Louis Community Foundation. “In the midst of the pandemic, our donors have supported nonprofits when they need them most, and have partnered with local businesses, corporations, family foundations, and other generous individuals to support our pandemic relief efforts through the COVID-19 Regional Response Fund (CCRF) and support the Gateway Resilience Fund. These efforts raised a total of $ 8.8 million. ”

At the end of 2019, nonprofit grants totaled $ 101.3 million, ranking 21st this year according to CF Insights Columbus poll results and the annual ranking of the country’s 100 best community foundations. For comparison: The Community Foundation came in 39th in 2016.

Community-funded funds advance pandemic support efforts

Community funds held by the St. Louis Community Foundation to benefit the St. Louis area created and catalyzed the COVID-19 Regional Response Fund, Bond added.

“The importance of these endowment funds cannot be overstated as they allow us to address unforeseen regional challenges – such as the pandemic – quickly and efficiently,” said Bond. “These funds helped fuel fundraisers for the CCRF that ultimately generated $ 6.1 million from corporations, foundations and individual donors.”

Further highlights for 2020 are:

  • Total assets – remained constant at $ 502 million.

  • Gifts to the Foundation – Donations to the Foundation totaled $ 75 million, up from $ 66 million in 2019.

  • Give STL Day – It was another record year for the foundation’s annual online donation day that raised $ 4.5 million – a 50 percent increase from last year.

“Our donors enjoy working together and sharing ideas on how they can help ensure a bright future for our region and the nonprofits that serve it,” said Bond. “We all at the Community Foundation appreciate our role in helping donors fulfill their charitable intentions and in facilitating community conversations that solve problems and seize opportunities.”

Three promoted to leadership team

In other developments, the foundation has added three members to its management team:

  • Maurice Brown – Brown was named Director of Accounting by the Accounting Manager and joined the St. Louis Community Foundation as an accountant in 2001. His current responsibilities include tracking donor gifts, reconciling investment accounts, managing human resources, bank reconciliations, overseeing the annual audit, and assisting the Community Foundation with donors.

  • Neosha Franklin – Franklin has been named Director of Communications and was previously Marketing and Communications Manager. Franklin joined the Community Foundation in 2015 and oversees all aspects of its marketing and communications portfolio. Her responsibilities include organizational messaging and advertising, media work, digital strategy, and community engagement. As in the past four years, Franklin is leading the Give STL Day, which this year will take place on Thursday, May 6th.

  • Katie Knapp – Appointed Director of Giving Strategies, Knapp joined the Community Foundation as a Giving Strategist in 2020. In this role, Knapp helps local wealth managers – including financial advisors, trustees, accountants and estate planning attorneys – work with their clients to incorporate philanthropy into their clients’ wealth and estate plans and to maximize charitable impact.

Brown reports to Dwight Canning, vice president and chief financial officer, while Franklin and Knapp report to Amelia Bond, president and chief executive officer of the foundation.

About the COVID-19 Pandemic Response Efforts

  • The COVID-19 Regional Response Fund – This initiative was endowed by the St. Louis Community Foundation and raised a total of $ 6.1 million to fund outreach for nonprofits targeting vulnerable populations like the homeless, unsafe food , Serve children and the elderly who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

  • The Gateway Resilience Fund (GRF) – Originally contemplated and funded by a Community Foundation donor, the effort has been supported by countless fundraisers across the region. When the Community Foundation granted grants, the fund ultimately raised a total of $ 2.1 million, which helped provide short-term financial relief to 3,500 restaurant, bar, and small business employees who lost their jobs due to business closings.

Via the St. Louis Community Foundation

The St. Louis Community Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation with approximately 800 charitable funds with total assets of more than $ 502 million. Each fund represents a unique charitable partnership between an individual, family, or business and specific charitable recipients. The St. Louis Community Foundation inspires focused philanthropy that brings community and donors together to create a more just and vibrant region now and forever to build up and to preserve.

Over the past 10 years, the St. Louis Community Foundation and its donors have given nearly $ 600 million to nonprofit organizations.

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