St. Louis County bars and restaurants celebrate relaxed COVID restrictions

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO. – St. Louis County’s bars, restaurants, and casinos no longer have to close at midnight. The curfew lift was announced on Friday, along with other changes.

Arcade games can now be played in places like movie theaters, arcades, and bowling alleys. The county will continue to require some precautions for customers playing these games, including wearing masks.

The change is good news for the owner of the St. Ann waiting room.

“We’re a pinball bar,” said Steve “Doc” Dachroeden.

He turns around 40 to 50 pinball games in his bar on St. Charles Rock Road. The sound of quarters falling into the games returned on Friday.

“It’s going to be huge,” said Dachroeden.

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The easing of restrictions also means arrow throwing is back in Blueberry Hill.

“I’m so excited,” said Blueberry Hill owner Joe Edwards. “Little by little, life is getting back to normal.”

He said lifting the curfew will make a big difference.

“Having that extra hour and a half is very, very meaningful,” said Edwards.

The owner of Kingpin Lanes in Bridgeton is also happy with the news.

“It will definitely help a lot,” said Gary Shenberg.

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He said curfews kept customers home late into the night.

“They know everything will shut down at midnight,” Shenberg said.

Shenberg’s excited bowlers can enjoy all that his business has to offer, including some arcade games and darts.

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