St. Louis County council votes to stop evictions, again

The moratorium contradicts a judge’s decision that evictions could resume in the county on April 5th

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO. – Some St. Louis County households are waking up with a sigh of relief after St. Louis County leaders decide to suspend evictions by June.

In a 4-2-1 vote on Tuesday evening, the district council approved a measure to temporarily suspend the evictions until June 30th.

St. Louis County Executive Sam Page is expected to sign the bill. Since two-thirds of the council did not vote to approve the law, it is subject to a 15-day waiting period before it comes into force.

The moratorium is in contradiction to a decision made by the presiding judge of St. Louis District Michael D. Burton that evictions in the district could resume on April 5th. Councilor Ernie Trakas, who voted for the measure, said the moratorium would override Judge Burton’s order.

This contradiction remains a sticking point for council members who did not vote to approve the moratorium.

Councilor Tim Fitch, who voted against the bill, fears the move will put the sheriff’s MPs in a difficult position. Fitch said law enforcement could either be despised for violating the judge’s order in court or affect compliance with the judge’s order on the district ordinance.

Councilor Rita Heard-Days, who abstained, raised concerns about another lawsuit over the bill.

Councilors Shalonda D. Webb, Kelli Dunaway, Lisa Clancy and Ernie Trakas voted in favor of the new circular measure. Council members Mark Harder and Tim Fitch voted against, Councilor Rita Heard-Days abstained.

The CDC has also extended the national eviction moratorium to June 30th. St. Louis has extended its moratorium to May 3rd.

Resident resources:

St. Louis County renters and landlords struggling with bills during the pandemic can seek help through a new program announced a few weeks ago that provides $ 29.7 million in assistance.

St. Louis County residents who require assistance with rental can call 314-806-0910 or visit the Emergency Rental Assistance Program information page online.

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