St. Louis County Depot to host summer coffee festival

The St. Louis County Depot announced Monday that it will be hosting a coffee festival in Duluth this July.

The Bienvenue Coffee Fest takes place on Saturday, July 10th, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Depot, 506 W. Michigan St., where coffee and tea vendors, bakeries and chocolatiers display and sell their products. The event also invites food trucks serving coffee or French-related food, as well as local artisans, artisans, florists and other specialty shops.

The depot hopes to offer interactive or educational activities, as well as live music and other entertainment.

The organizers expect more than 2,000 participants. The COVID-19 protocols valid at the time of the event will be enforced.

“Bienvenue means welcome, and we aim to make everyone feel welcome at the depot, in Duluth, and throughout St. Louis County,” said a statement from the depot team. “And we can’t think of anything nicer than taking a friend over for a cup of coffee.”

For more information on the Bienvenue Coffee Fest, please visit or the St. Louis County Depot Facebook page. To participate as a seller, entertainer, or community partner, email Kristin Johnson at [email protected] or call 218-733-7571.

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