St. Louis County Executive and councilmember go back-and-forth on conflicts of interest

ST. LOUIS – Between St. Louis County Councilor Mark Harder and St. Louis County Executive Director Dr. Sam Page, you have encountered problems with part-time jobs and a conflict of interest.

Council members seem to be asking each other whether they are doing jobs or providing services that are against the policy.

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A reporter at a council meeting Monday asked Page if Harder was breaking the rules when he posted a Facebook post on March 22 helping people appeal their tax bills. Harder has been a licensed real estate agent for over 20 years.

“I can provide the most accurate data you need to possibly adjust the value of your county home. Don’t try to battle the review without the right data to back your case, ”Harder wrote on Facebook.

Page said, “If Councilor Harder were to use his personal office for personal gain, it would be alarming, but we really don’t know what details or how much of them is true.”

In October 2020, Harder filed for an ethics committee investigation into his part-time work at Mercy Hospital as an anesthetist. Harder is responsible for monitoring conflicts of interest. Harder said the county charter requires the county executive to devote all of her time to his duties.

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The Page spokesman said that there is no conflict and that any work Page has done was done in its own time.

Harder’s appeal to the ethics committee to investigate Page was pending, and now he believes he will be retaliated against the motion to investigate.

The district council meets online on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. FOX 2 will be there and report on the meeting.

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