St. Louis County Plans To Restart Evictions

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The evictions in St. Louis County are due to begin again.

Last year, the St. Louis Circuit Court rescheduled her, citing instructions from federal agencies. However, the St. Louis County Sheriff’s MPs are expected to begin processing some of the 500 remaining eviction orders in April, the court announced today.

“With regular meetings with tenant and landlord attorneys over the past few months, it has been clear that everyone was facing serious financial challenges during the pandemic,” said Michael D. Burton, presiding judge in St. Louis County, in a press release. “Fortunately there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Burton pointed to a $ 30 million federal grant, expected to open in April, to help tenants learn about re-leases and unpaid utility bills, while offering limited assistance with future rentals. The combination of government rent subsidies and the ongoing introduction of vaccines was a factor in the decision to evict, according to today’s announcement.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Human Services issued an eviction moratorium last year declaring that evicting people from their homes during a pandemic posed a public health risk represents. Today’s announcement indicates that the federal moratorium will end on March 31.

There is speculation that the White House will extend the eviction moratorium. However, the county appears to be pushing forward. The Circuit Court’s announcement said it will focus for the first few days on problematic cases where the properties are tied to drug activity or where neighbors and landlords are exposed to physical harm or major property damage. Evictions from commercial properties will also be a fair game.

All evictions are scheduled to begin on April 5th.

Concern for the sheriff’s deputies tasked with carrying out orders, which often entails entering dormitories, was one of the factors in the district’s moratorium. Two sheriff employees have died as a result of COVID-19, but the court announcement says that the vaccinations of all MPs and staff who wanted the shot were completed on Friday.

Federal support for rent is provided through the emergency aid program and the state aid program for housing assistance. Renters can apply for assistance, and the programs make payments directly to landlords or utilities. If landlords receive the money from ERAP or SAHR for the present and the future, they cannot evacuate tenants at the same time.

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