St. Louis County Police Chief Mary Barton speaks out following no-confidence resolution against her

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – St. Louis County Police Chief Mary Barton speaks openly for the first time Thursday about a vote of no confidence in her.

The district council approved the vote on Tuesday evening, which is more or less a symbolic move.

Barton was aware of her feelings about the council resolution.

“I would have hoped if the council had had problems with me that they would have tabled the resolution, they would have contacted me and talked to me about it before they put it on the public forum,” said Barton. “I would have hoped that it would have been brought up and revised and not tamped with the actual inaccuracies contained in the resolution.”

The resolution criticizes Barton for handling reports of racism in the department along with disciplinary action.

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Barton said most of the department’s complaints arose prior to her tenure as chief.

“It’s someone’s opinion, not a legally binding document,” Barton said. “However, when giving our opinions about people, we need to remember that those opinions, outside of facts or discussion, harm people’s representations.”

Barton said the department provides excellent service and should be commended for managing the pandemic.

Several employees were absent due to illness and experienced major unrest in 2020.

Since Tuesday’s vote, Barton has said she has only received support.

“It was all very positive. “Hold on, you’re doing a good job.” I haven’t received any negative comments at this point.

The Board of Police Commissioners named Barton.

It is unlikely that they will remove them as there is currently no evidence of this.

“I will tell you that when I was elected chief, I had the hope of making the department a more racially just police station, leveraging technology and crime-fighting, and starting looking after people in the police station. And I’ve done some of those things, ”said Barton.

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Barton also said she hoped she shared the opinion of County Executive Dr. Sam Page got changed about it. He previously said he did not support their position but has not commented on FOX2 since the county’s decision.

“If I had allowed every negative comment I’ve heard about myself over the years, some of which concern me just because I’m a woman, I wouldn’t be sitting here today,” Barton said. “I survived a lot in the police force and I will continue to survive because I believe that if you act ethically and with integrity, that’s all you need.”

Barton said it was time for her to stop defending the job and spend more time doing her job. She will continue with the advice, Dr. Page, and the Police Board of Commissioners work together.

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