St. Louis County’s coronavirus restrictions loosened

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – St. Louis County took new steps on Friday to continue the gradual reopening process and return to a “new normal”.

The district’s health department outlined three restrictions that have been relaxed.

Removed some curfews

The Safer at Home regulation was changed to remove curfews for restaurants, bars and casinos. These shops had to close at midnight by Friday.

The county has gradually eased that restriction, from closing dining rooms late last fall to a curfew at 11 p.m. last month.

“Everyone is enthusiastic because the opportunity to earn money is there. The opportunity to grow the business and stay open is here, ”said Breena Kuthe, general manager of Walnut Grill in Chesterfield.

Last May, Kuthe opened her fourth store two months after the coronavirus pandemic began.

“It was very, very tough. It was tough for the staff. It was difficult for the employees to lose their jobs, ”added Kuthe.

The midnight curfew will be lifted and restaurants and bar owners in St. Louis County, many of whom have been hard hit by the pandemic, will be able to close at their normal, longer hours.

“It’s been a frustrating year, but right now we’re looking at the positives that we’re open to. Business is back, ”said Kuthe.

Haris Halilovic, Assistant General Manager of Walnut Grill said, “I’m just a little excited and looking forward to getting back into the groove of things. They know we all miss the way it used to be, and that’s just one step closer to that. ”

“I just hope to be mask-free at some point so that we can see people’s faces again,” said Brenna Kuthe.

The midnight curfew and 50% occupancy limit continue to apply in the city of St. Louis.

Arcade games can continue

Start the pinball machine. Arcade games can be hooked up and replayed in places such as movie theaters, bowling alleys, and arcades.

However, there are still some limitations. St. Louis County said the Games must be held in a separate location from the eating and drinking area and that people are not allowed to eat or drink during the Games. The machines also need to be wiped down between each use, which can be done by customers when detergents are provided.

Players must continue to practice social distancing and still wear a mask.

No masks for refs

The third change allows those who practice outdoor sports for teenagers and adults to do so without a mask. Those who run games and competitions inside are still required to wear a mask or face covering.

District officials said Friday’s changes give local residents and businesses a little more flexibility as more people get vaccinated.

“We are confident that with more people vaccinated, we can continue our gradual reopening of St. Louis County, focusing on the safety of our residents and employees,” said Dr. Sam Page, county executive.

“We took these steps in close cooperation with our advisory groups to give our companies more flexibility in safe and measured operation,” said Dr. Faisal Khan, Director of the Ministry of Public Health.

Jacob Long, director of communications for the mayor’s office and the city, said the city of St. Louis is looking forward to relaxing COVID-19 guidelines to meet the county’s announcements.

“The city is confident that once we continue to evaluate what mitigation strategies we have, we can move in a similar direction,” Long said. “We don’t currently have an announcement to share, but we will certainly let you know when we do.”

Friday’s easing of restrictions also coincides with the launch of Phase 3 of its vaccination schedule by the state of Missouri, which will allow residents 16 and older to become eligible.

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