St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters speak at ECRW event

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) – The couple who made national headlines after waving and pointing their guns at Black Lives Matter protesters in St. Louis this summer were in Odessa today to deliver a talk.

The Perm Ballroom at the Odessa Marriott was packed with people hoping to hear guest speakers Mark and Patricia McCloskey early Wednesday afternoon.

“They intended to murder us and burn the house down,” said Mark McCloskey.

The June 28 story as told by McCloskey’s differs from how police and protesters describe the event.

“Three to five hundred members of an angry mob broke into our neighborhood, broke a gate that had been there since 1888, knocked it down, stormed our house, and we stood firm and defended,” said Mark McCloskey.

The videotaped event went viral.

“They screamed, screamed, threatened, spit came out of their mouth, veins popped out. That was a terrible mob. “

The McCloskeys expected local law enforcement to help them. To their amazement, they were charged with a crime.

“She’s following us,” said McCloskey of St. Louis Circuit attorney Kim Gardner. “I will use the term ‘persecution’ to mean nothing more than to defend ourselves.”

This is why the McCloskeys were the speakers for the sold-out Ector County Republican Women’s Meeting on Wednesday at the Odessa Marriott.

“It shouldn’t be happening,” said US Congressman Mike Conaway. “But what’s even more frightening is that you have a prosecutor who breaks the law to re-indict you and improve the indictment against the woman with the power of the state.”

Fear of overarching government was pervasive throughout the afternoon, which participants feared a Biden / Harris presidency would represent.

“I’m really concerned about the direction of this country,” said contestant Bruce Garrett. “Because instead of going forward, we go backwards. And we don’t have to go backwards. “

The McCloskeys are now using their recognition to sound the alarm and get others more politically involved.

“If the struggle against Marxism is divisive and the mass media believes we should live in harmony with the Marxists who want to destroy our way of life, that is simply wrong,” said Mark McCloskey.

And even if it’s small, they hope appearances like this make a difference.

“We hope we can make a difference,” said McCloskey. “I don’t know if it’s us. I hope we are. But at least God gave us the opportunity to try. “

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