St. Louis defense attorney Chet Pleban says Chauvin’s three guilty verdicts conflict

ST. LOUIS – St. Louis attorney Chet Pleban isn’t surprised at the three guilty convictions made by former Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin on the death of George Floyd.

Nor is he surprised that the jury only deliberated for 11 hours.

He said the 45-year-old chauvin faces up to 75 consecutive years in prison, 40 years for murder two, 25 years for murder three, and a ten-year sentence for manslaughter. He could serve them at the same time. Chauvin could serve a maximum of 40 years or a minimum of 25 years, it’s up to the judge.

St. Louis leaders are responding to the court ruling against Derek Chauvin

“I think what you will see on appeal is whether or not these allegations conflict. For example, with regard to the second degree murder, which is a criminal murder. So it is a deliberate criminal attack. In other words, Chauvin was about to attack George Floyd and that led to his death. While the manslaughter charge is a culpable negligence that resulted in the death of George Floyd. So it seems to me that these two charges are in conflict, but he has been found guilty. It would be like driving your car and hitting someone. Well, you are either careless about operating this car or you wanted to hit someone and injure or kill them. In this case, there are two separate and distinct defenses that seem to be in conflict with each other, ”Pleban said.

The crowd gathers peacefully in downtown St. Louis in response to the court ruling against Derek Chauvin

Suspecting an appeal, he advises that Minnesota state law is different from Missouri and Illinois law. Even so, he predicts that this will be one of several topics that will be addressed in the appeal process.

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