St. Louis Doctor Helps Free Woman From Endometriosis Pain, Infertility Diagnosis

April 25, 2021

Women, hopeful families, and health professionals across the country are working to raise awareness during National Infertility Awareness Week.
For so many families, the struggle haunts them for years, and in some cases for life. Some medical experts believe that half of all women who are related to infertility have endometriosis. Now, a doctor in St. Louis is helping educate these women about their options and celebrate another patient who was able to have their miracle baby after years of pain.

The SLUCare specialist in restorative fertility, Dr. Patrick Yeung, helped diagnose Jen Pav with Stage 4 endometriosis. Yeung had surgically removed the endometriosis, Jen and her husband were able to conceive their son Evan. Dr. Yeung first met Evan recently when the family shared their story on News 4.

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