St. Louis eviction moratorium extended

ST. LOUIS – An eviction moratorium in the city of St. Louis has been extended again. By March 1, the St. Louis Circuit Court announced on Friday.

The presiding judge, Michael Stelzer, quoted various government directives in an administrative order that “have stated that evictions during the Covid-19 pandemic cause a public health crisis”.

In addition to rent, the city moratorium also contained exceptions for criminal behavior, property damage and breaches of contractual obligations. Commercial evictions are also permitted.

St. Louis County has no such exceptions to the ban on evictions. It cited the safety of the sheriff’s office staff in its ban. These workers carry out evictions. St. Louis County has no end date for its moratorium.

While proponents say renters shouldn’t become homeless during a pandemic, small landlords complain that they need rental income to keep up with obligations like property taxes and maintenance.

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