St. Louis fashion labels to host virtual styling event for shoppers missing in-person events

Daphne Benzaquen, creator of the St. Louis label daph., Wants to give something back every year. Every August she travels to her native Peru to deliver a donation from her brand and to meet with the schools that will benefit from the gift. However, given the travel restrictions for COVID-19, she knew it wouldn’t be an option this year.

She wanted to do something in St. Louis, her second home. “I wondered what could I do to bring people together and foster the community here?” She says, “Because it can be lonely – I feel lonely sometimes.” She wanted to create something that she enjoyed and that would support brands by women in St. Louis while she was safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Enter Zoom in on Style, a virtual styling event with St. Louis-based stylist Kristi Pinkham (who worked with Vogue, among others). On November 12th at 7:00 p.m., people who sign up for the event can catch up on trending information and the best styling of pieces from St. Louis brands including Ardently STL, Assassin Vintage, Beltshazzar Jewels, Descendent, Hats by Dianne and Klarity Lifestyle, Mahnal and Mount Indigo.

The event is aimed at women because of the brands participating, but Benzaquen says it’s really aimed at people looking for fashion tips and insights. At a time when fashion can feel like an afterthought, it can bring a spark of joy to people.

“Now people rely a lot on comfort when it comes to clothing,” says Benzaquen, “but I hope this teaches that not only can you be comfortable with what you wear, but your style too.”

She gives an example of how clothes affect her working from home: on a particularly rainy morning, she fought the urge to grab pajamas and instead put on something more personal, clothes with local roots . “I wear these clothes that I not only love, but know the story behind them,” she says. “That’s why I chose the brands that I made because they all have really unique stories and they are all so very true to their branding mission and goals.”

The local pieces shared at the event can be purchased during the event and two weeks after. Participants receive exclusive promotions in a virtual pouch. Do you want to be styled? You can email fashion questions ahead of the virtual event.

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