St. Louis food: Pizza hot dog

It’s a Nathan’s dog with hot peppers, diced ham, bacon pizza sauce and pizza cheese

ST. LOUIS – Two St. Louis favorites teamed up to create a limited edition hybrid menu item.

Dogtown Pizza is partnering with Steve’s Hot Dogs & Burgers on a new hot dog called Dogtown Pizza 4 Meat Dog. It’s a Nathan’s dog with hot peppers, diced ham, bacon pizza sauce and pizza cheese.

It will be available from June 7-21 at Steve’s Hot Dogs & Burgers to take away and eat on the terrace.

Customers can also order online here

“We’re constantly developing new ideas that are changing the way our customers enjoy our ingredients,” said Rick Schaper, co-owner of Dogtown Pizza. “Dogtown Pizza is incredibly grateful for partnerships with local companies like Steve’s Hot Dogs & Burgers to help make the Dogtown Pizza 4 Meat Dog a reality.”

This isn’t the first time the two have teamed up. In 2015, they collaborated on a hot dog that included the Hot Chicken Wing Chicken and Dogtown Pizza Hot Sauce.

“We are very happy to be part of such a close community of restaurant and grocery professionals in St. Louis,” said Ewing. “We are particularly excited about our second collaboration with Dogtown Pizza. People are still asking us to always do the first. We know people will react to the 4 Meat Dog in the same way. “

Steve’s Hot Dogs & Burgers reopened their doors just weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic. It had closed in early February – but was able to reopen thanks to a group of investors who stepped in to help.

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Since the pandemic, the restaurant has been giving something back to the community. The new #FeedThePeople program has so far been able to feed more than 800 people.

Dogtown Pizza and Steve’s Hot Dogs & Burgers continue to provide first aiders, medical professionals and those in need with no questions asked.

And to fund the program, $ 1 from each Dogtown Pizza 4 Meat Dog will be used to feed the community.

Find Steve’s Hot Dogs & Burgers at 3457 Magnolia Ave.

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