St. Louis food: Steve’s Hot Dogs gives back during pandemic


Steve’s hot dogs have had some ups and downs. Its location on The Hill closed less than a year ago, where it had been for about a decade. The company decided to focus on its only other store in Tower Grove East, which it closed a few months later in early February.

With the help of investors, Steve’s reopened the Tower Grove storefront just as the coronavirus hit. Owner Steve Ewing said the community got him through it all.

“I’m so grateful,” he said. “This neighborhood is amazing. The whole south side, the whole city is amazing. We got so much love. So we say, “How can we do this and give it back and involve other people?”

With the help of the community, Steve’s connects people in need with free meals. The store came up with the idea of ​​a few customers who wanted to donate food but weren’t sure who could specifically use it. Steve made a call on social media and the nominations came in.

“Well, that’s our thing,” said Ewing. “We’re working to bring food to families who are hungry, or in need of a meal, or a break, or just something to raise now.”

So far, Steve’s, community members, and even local businesses like 4 Hands Brewing have donated dozens of kits. They come in two different sizes, including four or eight hot dogs, mac and cheese, soda and chips. They have gone to people who have lost their jobs, to cancer patients and to students who depend on school meals.

By the end of this week, Steve’s will have delivered enough food to feed 184 people. More meals are planned for next week.

“Often the family doesn’t know that the food is coming,” said Ewing. “Just someone said, ‘I want to buy these people food. I know you. I don’t even want them to know who bought the food. ‘“

Ewing said it was just a way to give back to a community that had given him so much.

“I’ve seen some incredible kind actions in the past few weeks. It’s stupid for a lot of people right now, but I’ve seen a lot of people move up, ”he said. “We can bring the food to the people, and it’s just a good feeling to be able to do that. As long as people still have to eat, we’ll keep doing it. “

If you’d like to donate a meal, or know someone who might use one, visit Steve’s Hot Dogs website or send a message to Steve’s on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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