St. Louis Meal Delivery Service Supports Local Chefs, Feeds Families During COVID-19 | Business

SareFood provides a source of income for local chefs and hands-free delivery of fresh meals to residents of St. Louis amid a pandemic

St. Louis, MO – A local business works to keep food safe on St. Louisans ‘tables and income safe in local chefs’ bank accounts amid social distancing and closure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. SareFood connects customers with local chefs to deliver meals at home.

With a team made up entirely of local chefs from the St. Louis area, SareFood provides access to dishes made from fresh, local ingredients and an easy way for customers to transform the St. Louis food industry through the unprecedented and sudden changes brought about by chefs Caused in St. Louis to safely support COVID-19 crisis.

“With restaurants being forced to close or downsize, many local chefs have significantly reduced or no income,” said founder Vinny Sharma. “For them, SareFood is an opportunity to serve their community and at the same time make up for this loss. The reason I started SareFood was to nurture local culinary talent and connect them with customers so they can create additional revenue streams. “

The on-demand food service provides St. Louis residents with a safe and secure way to enjoy prepared meals at home during Governor Parson’s statewide ordering that began April 6th. Meals can be scheduled weekly for touchless delivery and tailored to specific nutritional needs, including diabetic-friendly, vegan, low-carb, and high-protein options.

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