St. Louis Offers the 6th ‘Most Balanced Lifestyle’ of Any U.S. City

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  • Soulard Living balances good times (bars, golf carts) with proximity to the city center.

Finally, some proof of what we’ve been saying for years: St. Louis is an easy place to live.

A new study examining US cities for their ease of achieving a “balanced lifestyle” ranks St. Louis number 6 nationwide. Our sister in the west, Kansas City, made it even better and came up Place 2.

The study says, “As Americans, we often focus on status traits like the amount of money we make. However, research shows that the time we spend with the people we care about, health and income equality are some of the most important factors most important factors are. ” That leads to happiness. Feeling fulfilled means so much more than just how much we make. It depends on what we have to do to deserve it, what we get for it, and whether we have the time and health to enjoy our friends and family. ”

The secret of success here in STL? Short distances, affordable housing, low prices for consumer goods and services and even a work-life balance – how many hours per week we work compared to what we earn.

The Magnify Money website results reflect a largely ignored fact that was featured in our cover story last week: “If you adjust incomes to local cost of living, St. Louis ranks 20th out of 381 metropolitan areas in the country and seventh 53 largest metropolitan areas in the country. “Yes, salaries in LA and New York are much higher, but since your dollar goes much further here, you actually pocket more money.

Here are the eleven best cities in the country for a balanced lifestyle, followed by the least balanced. Eat your heart out, Miami!

Most balanced
1. Minneapolis
2. Kansas City, Mo.
3. Salt Lake City
4. Cincinnati
5. Raleigh, NC
6. St. Louis
7. Portland, Ore.
8. Denver
9. Hartford, Conn.
10. Virginia Beach, Va. (Hardcover)
10. Columbus, Ohio (bound)

Least balanced
50. Miami
49. New York
48. Riverside, California.
47. Los Angeles
46. ​​Tampa, Fla.
45. New Orleans
44. Houston
43. Philadelphia
42. Memphis, Tenn.
41. San Francisco

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