St. Louis organizations unite to bring COVID vaccines to Peabody housing community

ST. LOUIS – We’ve heard of several mass vaccination incidents, but what happens when people can’t get to these places? There are a few groups that have come together to give the Peabody community a mass vaccination event.

The Demetrious Johnson Foundation was one of those organizations that helped get vaccines in the community.

“I’m here to tell the people in my community that I grew up in that they need this vaccine, man, you have to get it, man, to save other people’s lives,” said founder Demetrious Johnson.

Vaccination was easier for some than for others.

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“The city of St. Louis is 30%. That’s too low, ”said Greg Brentano, CEO of South City Hospital. “So we decided to get the vaccines into the community today.”

For those who may not be able to get out and get a shot, vaccinations were brought straight to them on Saturday at the Peabody Public Housing Complex.

“It’s important for us to take it to their level and be where they are,” said Johnson. “We’re bringing it here so it’s very convenient for them to walk over here. We’re going to make it a party because today we’re celebrating life.”

The Demetrius Johnson Foundation, South City Hospital, the NAACP in St. Louis City, and the St. Louis Housing Authority made this all possible as people enjoyed music, food, and vaccinations.

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“When ‘we come to your place’ it means you can easily walk out your door, be in the neighborhood, get your vaccination and be done,” said vaccine recipient Dawnyelle Williams.

The aim was to have 1,000 people vaccinated.

For those who couldn’t come in and get a shot, the organizers went door to door offering one.

“One of our main goals is to provide better access to quality health care, including better access to vaccines,” said Brentano.

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