St. Louis pizza helps Missouri make top ten list

ST. LOUIS, MO – Food & Wine Magazine published a list of the “Ten Best Pizza States in America,” naming the best pizza in each state. Restaurants in the St. Louis area helped Missouri make the top ten. Illinois ranks fourth, but Chicago and its suburbs are home to many of the best pizza places in the world.

This makes a lot of sense when you look at the list. Many of the best pizzas represent a particular style, such as New York, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia or St. Louis. But the two best cakes take the cake. You are from New Jersey and Connecticut. The neighboring New York states appear to have a competitive advantage over the Big Apple.

St. Louis-style pizza is the focus of the magazine’s prominent mention in Missouri. Imo’s is considered the most famous with 100 locations in the Midwest that serve on a thin crust provel. Faracis, Frank & Helens, Liliana’s Italian cuisine, Melos Pizzeria, Union Loafers and the Italian restaurant Noto represent the style of the region.

Missouri excerpt from Food & Wine:

“Imo’s is the most famous Provel handle. The right way to have a St. Louis cake is to load your pizza with things. Not just any stuff – follow everyone else’s lead and get yourself a deluxe cake cluttered with sausage, bacon, and veggies. It’s a killer combination of taste and texture. You will see why St. Louisans love their pizza so much, to the point where they order it over the internet as soon as they move to other places. “

Food & Wine

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