St. Louis Restaurant Openings and Closings February 2021

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  • BEAST Butcher & Block may have put a grill off, but they’re making some mighty fine sandwiches in its place.

Perhaps it has something to do with thawing out of that terrible, protracted freeze that hit the city last month, but by late February things just seemed more hopeful. Granted, we’ve had this wrong spring before – last summer when COVID-19 cases temporarily decreased, we were tempted to feel like things were going back to normal. It was a mirage, but this time it just feels different. Ask restaurateurs, chefs, and hotel professionals how they feel these days and in addition to the usual complaints of fatigue, there is a glimmer of hope in their answers. It just feels like this is the last bad track.

This optimistic tone correlates with the low number of restaurant closings in February compared to the number of openings. Granted, Han Laos loss hurts. The Brentwood restaurant, founded by Thom Chantharasy, was a bold love song about Laotian cuisine that he had dreamed of bringing to St. Louis even before the successful Robata Maplewood opened. However, citing the pandemic and the difficulty of finding the necessary regulations for Sauce Magazine over the past week, he just couldn’t hold on. It leaves a noticeable void in the St. Louis dining scene.

This month, however, there were notable rays of hope. After fears that Alex Cupp’s standout grill restaurant, the Stellar Hog, could remain closed indefinitely after fighting at the southern city address, the brand has enjoyed success at its new Chesterfield location. BEAST Butcher & Block also had to make adjustments, discontinue its grill offer, but bring us some excellent sandwiches in its place. Simply Cooking with Donna has finally found a store, and Honey Bees Biscuits & Good Eats had days of queuing when it launched earlier this month. Sunnier skies on the horizon? We really hope so.

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Han Lao, Brentwood
Ravanellis, granite city

BEAST sandwich pop-up, the grove
Boo Coo, Soulard
Honey Bee’s Biscuits & Good Eats, food truck
Loaded elevated nachos, St. Charles
Just cook with Donna downtown
Stellar Hog, Chesterfield
Tres Equis, Tower Grove South

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