St. Louis Restaurant Openings and Closings: January 2021


  • Holy Mole, a ghost kitchen owned by the Mission Taco Joint family, is a welcome addition to the city’s dining scene.

January was quiet on the St. Louis restaurant scene – a welcome change from the pandemic-related chaos that still plagues the hospitality industry. And yet, even if things remain uncertain, there is a palpable feeling that this could be the last bad stretch. As vaccines slip into people’s arms (come with me, Missouri) and hopes turn to later warmer weather and the patio season that comes with it, restaurateurs, cooks, waiters, dishwashers, and everyone else involved in the industry seem to be getting into the rhythm To have settled into the present and at the same time hopeful for the future. That the two closings of the month – Stellar Hog (a new location in Chesterfield is opening soon) and Vegan Butcher & Deli – are seen as temporary setbacks rather than full closings only adds to the hope that maybe, just maybe, we are rapprochement to the other side of this catastrophe. We hope.

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The stellar pig, Holly Hills
The Vegan Butcher & Deli, St. Charles

Holy Mole (Mission Taco Joint ghost kitchen), Webster Groves
St. Louis Kolache (additional location), Southwest Garden
Tai Ke Shabu Shabu, Olivette
UKRAFT, city center

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