St. Louis Restaurant Openings and Closings: March 2021

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  • Sauce on the Side added an additional location in St. Charles this month.

Spring. The sun is shining so brightly and the temperatures are rising so much that you can almost hear the sound of glasses on the city’s terraces. As the metro area slowly sneaks out of winter, the sunnier sky doesn’t just seem to be on the horizon in relation to the weather. As restaurants dust their garden furniture and prepare to welcome guests outside again, the optimism is palpable.

Two of the more bullish moves this month were about upscale restaurants – the kind of places we wrote obituaries just six months ago – opening their doors in Clayton. Casa Don Alfonso, the “Holy Crap! This place opens a store in St. Louis?” Michelin-starred chef Mario Iaccarino’s restaurant made its debut at the Ritz-Carlton, bringing an elegant taste of Italy’s Amalfi Coast to St. Louis. The excitement for that opening was only matched by the move of Tony’s, the iconic St. Louis restaurant, which moved from its long-standing downtown home to Clayton this month.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only restaurant that left downtown. Tigin Irish Pub closed its doors indefinitely after an extended shutdown, citing COVID-19 as the direct reason for the move. Although the bar has been left open, there is some way that it can reopen once the area recovers from the pandemic. However, this appears to be more than a temporary closure.

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Tigin Irish Pub, downtown

Bootleggin ‘Bob’s, Tower Grove South
C. Oliver Coffee + Flower Bar (additional location), Richmond Heights, in the Galleria
Casa Don Alfonso, Clayton, in the Ritz-Carlton
Mr. Meowski’s Sourdough (moved and expanded), St. Charles
Sauce on the Side (additional location), St. Charles
Terror Tacos, Tower Grove South
Tony’s, Clayton
Uncle Julios, Frontenac

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