St. Louis Then and Now: Clayton-Tamm Neighborhood at Hampton and Manchester

Feb. 11, 1839 – Commissioners were appointed to originally …

Posted by Vintage St. Louis & Route 66 on Thursday Feb 11th, 2021

The historic Clayton-Tamm neighborhood has always been beautiful, but side-by-side comparisons show that what we usually call “Dogtown” has retained a lot of magic over the past century.

A photo on the Vintage St. Louis & Route 66 Facebook page shows the view of Manchester Avenue from Hampton Avenue around 1949. In the present day this section of Manchester Avenue remains a busy street used by thousands of St. Louisans The bridge is crossed every day.

What is amazing, however, is how little the view from Hampton Avenue has changed since then. The trees are taller and the trams are gone, but the width and curve of the street appear to be exactly the same.

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  • Google Maps

  • The same view but from Google Maps in May 2019.

Even some buildings below the bridge remain untouched, like the building with the curved corner on the far right in the old photo. Work is still going on in this building at 6123 Manchester Avenue – it is the current home of Cycle 5 Bookkeeping, an accounting service.

This is the caption on the older photo on the Vintage St. Louis & Route 66 Facebook page:

February 11, 1839 – Commissioners were appointed to lay the state road to the village of Manchester, which was originally approved in 1835. Old Manchester followed today’s South Vandeventer Avenue to Kingshighway. From that point to Maplewood, it was renamed Southwest Avenue in 1916. Today’s Manchester Avenue north of the River des Peres was originally known as Fox Creek Road. It became Manchester Avenue when the Pacific Railroad was built. (The view from Manchester to Manchester is directed west about 1949.) ”

Just a few miles from this place that stays frozen in time, another area we recently featured shows how much time can change an area too. The intersection of Vandeventer Avenue and Market Street was completely redesigned by Highway 40 and is hardly recognizable from its former self.

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