St. Louis vending operation Executive Dining uses new 365 Retail Market’s dining platform technology to compete

[Credit: 365 Retail Markets]

Executive Dining in St. Louis, MOain’t no stranger to change. Executive Dining was founded in 2001 as the corporate food service division of Chiles Foodservice to meet the growing demands for restaurant quality food in the work and office environment.

Almost two decades later, in 2019, owner Greg Chiles opened the Executive Dining Express to meet the demands of office and industrial environments, offering fresh food, drinks and snacks around the clock. As part of the planning phase for the opening of Executive Dining Express, Chiles opened 25 micro-stores in Missouri and Illinois with 365 retail stores.

In 2020, Executive Dining began deploying 365Dining technology for efficiency and compatibility with Executive Dining Express Market kiosks. “At that time, we started implementing the self-checkout option that our customers were quick to adopt,” he said Executive Dining Express District Manager David Porter. “The user-friendly format and the speed of the software help to move customers efficiently through the payment stations. “

T.The new dining platform 365Dining has given executive dining Customers have the option to order in advanceto buy fresh groceries 24/7, and to have a self-check-out Functionality. Meanwhile it has helped the Company compete in a highly competitive industry.

Technology that works

One benefit that 365Dining technology offers Executive Dining is the ability to do so the Company bridge it is Know-how in relation to freshly prepared food with 24-hour availability for customers in the markets. We are no longer limited to serving cook controlled food from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.“Porter said.

T.he orders– –Advance option has also rented activated Customers can order and pay at their desk or at another location on site. After ordering, customers can choose to have their groceries delivered to the café quickly or have their groceries delivered to them, he said.

These has helped improve the Companies speed of Service, while reduce at the same timecing Staff and increaseing Sales. Thanks to 365Dining’s order-ahead system, Executive Dining was able to continue to serve its customers safely during the pandemic. Porter says that 365Dining also enables the Company Connect with customers through the app to send notifications of promotions, offers and individual loyalty rewards.

Aalthough The cafe business has slowed down With most of the office Employees work from home during the pandemic, Executive Dining Express has grown at record rates. says Porter: “because our customers are looking for ways to offer their employees who are on site during this time high quality fresh food.

Alex Koritz, senior director of micro mark ÖPerations at the Executive Dining Express, NotWith 365’s diverse technology, Executive Dining and Executive Dining Express have the tools they need to serve a variety of fresh foods, beverages and snacks to our customers, enableing Executive Dining Express to survive in a highly competitive industry and continue to provide exceptional service.

From a micro-store to a full-service cafe, we can offer all of our customers 24/7 restaurant-quality fresh food, catering, pre-order, phone payment and self-service checkout, “he said.” From companies with as With only 75 employees in companies with thousands, we have the solutions to meet your needs. As a versatile point-of-sale system for restaurants, 365Dining can also convert an area from cashier to self-service mode at the push of a button.

The past year has shown that contactless transactions, self-service and order-ahead options are customer requirementss goes forward, and 365Dining technology gives the operators the opportunity to transform cafes answer.

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