St. Louis woman creates Jennifer Lopez’s inauguration cup

Teneka Moore started throwing mugs in 2012 when she started her online company Taylor Made Bling

ST. LOUIS – When Jennifer Lopez sang at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, a business in St. Louis began to be buzzing.

“Since the inauguration, oh my God. It’s like a boom, ”said Teneka Moore.

People reached for Moore to get their hands on the bloody cup that Lopez was drinking from.

“It’s all about the cups. You see it with it, you have to have it, ”Moore told 5 On Your Side.

Moore is the creator of the eye-catching cup.

“I don’t think I ever dreamed that I was throwing cups,” she said.

She started throwing cups in 2012 when she started her online company Taylor Made Bling.

“It’s named after my daughter Taylor,” she said.

When it comes to their style, there is a difference between bling and dazzling.

“You say in amazement, it’s like going to Michael and taking a bucket of rhinestones and that’s not what I do,” she said. “I think it’s more of a lifestyle. A blingy lifestyle, luxury lifestyle. Shine, sparkle. “

It is a love work to make things sparkle.

“Blood, sweat and tears flow into every single cup,” she said.

All of their mugs are made by hand.

“One crystal at a time. I wish I had a robot in my basement where I just press a machine and wa-la. But it doesn’t work that way, ”said Moore.

Moore’s work is paying off. Last year she quit her job in Human Resources to devote all of her time to business.

“It was just like you know, I’m going to step on faith and it’s going to be great. And then it’s like the pandemic hit and then it’s like should I go back to work? “Laughed Moore.

But the jump worked.

“It sure was a blessing,” she said.

Now Moore and her cups have a moment she won’t soon forget.

“It’s historical, it was a historical moment. And in order to look back and remember this moment and to be able to connect it somehow, we made a cup for it, ”said Moore about the inauguration.

Moore has different prices for their mugs with a high-end price around $ 600. If you are interested in buying a mug, visit their website.

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