Stoss Unveils New Chouteau Greenway Plan for St. Louis

Stoss Reveals New Chouteau Greenway Plan for St. Louis

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Stoss Landscape Urbanism is leading a team of 13 creating the new Chouteau Greenway Framework Plan for St. Louis. The master plan consists of a set of geography, justice, economy, architecture, programming, art, and design guidelines that serve as a master plan for projects. As the winner of the competition, the team is investigating how connection, inclusion and joy can be integrated along the greenway.

Courtesy Stoss Landscape UrbanismCourtesy of Stoss Landscape UrbanismCourtesy of Stoss Landscape UrbanismCourtesy Stoss Landscape Urbanism+ 6

Courtesy of Stoss Landscape UrbanismCourtesy Stoss Landscape Urbanism

As Stoss explains, St. Louis is struggling to become a connected city and faces significant challenges in terms of equity, economy, and urban renewal. These complex issues are at the heart of the master plan for the Chouteau Greenway, and the plan brings together a team of designers, architects, artists, economists, activists and engineers. With the initial push for the competition to connect the St. Louis’ Forest Park with the famous Gateway Arch, the winning team suggested the ‘The Loop + The Stitch’, which connected these iconic open spaces with north / south spurs, the connections added Exhibition Center and Tower Grove Park – Investments in African American neighborhoods that have suffered from decades of divestment.

The plan connects 17 neighborhoods that connect parks, business and art districts, transit corridors and cultural / educational facilities. The plan was recently released and funded in part by the Great Rivers Greenway (GRG). It is the culmination of an international competition launched by GRG in 2017 and a subsequent year-long planning and design effort. The design team’s mission is to purposely highlight a network of embedded, discovered, and undiscovered stories and bring them to the top of the greenway.

Courtesy Stoss Landscape UrbanismCourtesy Stoss Landscape Urbanism

While activating key existing amenities in St. Louis, the project focuses attention specifically on forgotten civic spaces like the Griot Museum of Black History on St. Louis Place and the historic Mill Creek Valley, a vibrant African American community that helped create St. Louis was wiped out a freeway overpass. These catalyst locations contain unique landscaping opportunities and architectural details such as the huge reflective pools that are reminiscent of the lost basic structures of the Mill Creek Valley. With the express goal of connecting people, the planning process included executive committee oversight, working groups, civic engagement and an interdisciplinary design process. Local touchstones are briefed by local artists Damon Davis, De Nichols, Mallory Neezam, and the Artists of Color Council.

Courtesy Stoss Landscape UrbanismCourtesy of Stoss Landscape Urbanism

The design team created a design toolkit using pavement patterns, benches, lighting, and sculptural beacons that provides a cohesive template for future development. Elementary paving patterns have the rolling shape of arches, rocks and cave-like shapes that provide an iconography expressed in shapes such as “the staircase”. The planting strategy, in turn, is intentionally varied. Four ecologies are highlighted: highlands, prairie, wetland and cultivated moments where food production can be experienced. The framework plan aims to improve accessibility and liveliness in all parts of the city, to overcome geographical and cultural differences, to create incentives for more social and economic justice and to deeply include and reflect the diversity of the cultures that exist in the city.

Check out the Chouteau Greenway Framework Plan

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