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When you get hungry after a day at Forest Park, all you have to do is close your eyes and point in any direction to land in a place where you can eat well. The Central West End, the Loop, the Grove – even the park’s boathouse – all offer a fix of culinary richness. Right on Kingshighway, Tower Grove Park is also surrounded by incredible restaurants like Botanical Heights and South Grand that the only difficult part in finding a great place is choosing between multiple favorites.

The other outdoor gems of St. Louis don’t seem so happy on the surface. However, if you scratch right under it, you will find some amazing food treasures that will satisfy both your hunger and the thrill of discovery.

Laumeier Sculpture Park

The Laumeier Sculpture Park, the jewel of southern St. Louis County, is a mesmerizing feast for the eyes, but the restaurants just a short walk from the property will satisfy the palate. Yolklore (8958 Watson Road, Crestwood; 314-270-8538), a lovely daytime spot just a short drive from Watson, turns the idea of ​​fast food on its head and serves great farm-to-table breakfast and lunch Passage. Twisted Tree (10701 Watson Road, Crestwood; 314-394-3366), reinventing the old facility in northeast Missouri, the Pear Tree Inn serves some of the best dry-aged steaks in town. fried lobster tail. Of course, Kirkwood restaurants are also just a short drive away, such as wonderful Greek cuisine (343 South Kirkwood Road, Kirkwood; 314-462-9112) and Nathaniel Reid Bakery (11243 Manchester Road, Kirkwood; 314-858) -1019 ), one of the most famous pastry shops in the country.

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  • Treat yourself to the Nathaniel Reid Bakery while you’re in the neighborhood.

Rockwood reservation

The West County’s dining scene offers plenty of opportunities to refuel after a challenging hike up and down the steep incline of the Rockwood Reservation. Clancy’s Irish Pub (40 Old State Road, Ellisville; 636-391-6154), a fifth generation family business from the 1930s, is worth a visit for the Irish bites alone. If you’re more into Latin American cuisine than corned beer and Swiss-filled pretzels, Malinche Mexican Culinary Experience (15939 Manchester Road, Ellisville; 636-220-8514) offers outrageously good food based on old family recipes dating back 150 years. Another long-standing family restaurant, Nippon Tei (14025 Manchester Road, Ballwin; 636-386-8999) has become the definitive source for sushi across the two-state territory in recent years thanks to the skillful hand of James Beard-nominated Nick Bognar. For more casual dining, head to Mideast Market (14345 Manchester Road, Ballwin; 636-230-7018) for excellent Middle Eastern and South Asian dishes served at a nondescript lunch counter in the back of the grocery store. The top is a must.

World bird sanctuary

The World Bird Sanctuary may make you feel like you are off the beaten track. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump from the heart of Valley Park and a handful of great restaurants. Dalie’s Smokehouse (2951 Dougherty Ferry Road, Valley Park; 636-529-1898) brings the legacy of Pappy’s Barbecue within striking distance of the Sanctuary, offering premium ribs, pulled pork and dry-grated wings. Young’s Restaurant & Ice Creamery (206 Meramec Station Road, Valley Park; 636-225-6677) has been a casual, return-service restaurant since 1954, serving sweet confectionery as well as homemade dishes such as chicken, fried fish, and burgers. The Malt Shop (1751 Smizer Station Road, Fenton; 636-825-2121) is another long-standing favorite in the area, loved by Fentonites for its burgers and ice cream parlors. Without a stop on the corner, no visit to the area is complete butchery (2099 Bentley Manor Drive, Fenton; 636-529-8400), whose Gooey Louie sandwich is a shining gem in the sparkling crown that makes up the lunch counter menu.

Sioux Passage Park

Located on the northern edge of northern St. Louis County, Sioux Passage Park is a breathtaking place to hike and take in views of the Missouri River. In the area, check out Hendel’s (599 Rue St. Denis, Florissant; 314-837-2304), a restaurant that has been in Florissant since the 19th century. Just a few blocks away, Made. Von Lia (610 Rue St. Francois, Florissant; 314-551-2383) is a charming pastry shop owned by Lia Weber whose skill in sweets earned her the title of TLC’s Next Great Baker and BJ’s Bar & Restaurant (184 W. Washington) Street, Florissant; 314-837-7783), whose mozzarella-based take on classic St. Louis-style pizza will win over your Provel-averse friends out of town. The area also has some excellent international cuisine, like the Middle Eastern gem Kaslick Mediterranean Cuisine (7487 N. Lindbergh Boulevard, Florissant; 314-972-8282) or the excellent Thai cuisine (8458 North Lindbergh Boulevard, Florissant; 314-695-5039) ), whose Khao Soi stands shoulder to shoulder with the more famous places in the city for the dish.

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Thai Kitchen goes perfectly with a hike in the Sioux Passage.  - MABEL SUEN


  • Thai Kitchen goes perfectly with a hike in the Sioux Passage.

Cahokia hill

Cahokia Mounds, arguably the region’s most important historical treasure, beckons with the thrill of discovery. For those on the Missouri side of the river, it only makes sense to wear that feeling off the park grounds and have dinner in the area before heading home. The Old Herald Brewery & Distillery (115 E. Clay Street, Collinsville, IL; 618-388-8027) pays homage to the former Collinsville Herald newspaper and the city’s forgotten brewing and distilling history. Though Big O’s (2001 Hildebrand Street, Madison, IL; 618-593-7629) in Madison isn’t even two years old, it has the feel of a long-standing watering hole with surprisingly tasty dishes – including breakfast from 6 a.m. – its humble digs. Not far away, Tienda El Ranchito (2565 N. 32nd Street, East St. Louis, IL; 618-875-1521), a market and counter combo, serves some of the best Mexican fare on either side of the river. However, you won’t want to leave the area without stopping by long-running Marko’s Fish House (820 Madison Avenue, Madison, IL; 618-876-9212) for its famous fried cod that fans everywhere swear the best is fish sandwich you will ever eat.

Pere Marquette State Park and the Great River Road

When you think of a trip on the Great River Road to Pere Marquette State Park, you should think of Fast Eddie’s Bon Air, Alton’s legendary bar and restaurant that draws people from all over the world for the cheap fare, the cold Beer and the beer to enjoy Lively atmosphere. However, there are other great restaurants in the area like the famous Whittmond Hotel (166 East Main Street, Brussels, IL; 618-883-2345) whose family-style dinners make you feel like you’ve stumbled back in time for Sunday dinner Your great-great-grandmother. Another institution in the area, Castelli’s Moonlight Restaurant at 255 (3400 Fosterburg Road, Alton, IL; 618-462-4620) has been serving its secret family recipe for famous fried chicken since 1937. Another source of fried chicken for those looking for something a little different is CC’s Vegan Restaurant (233 East Delmar Avenue, Alton, IL; 618-433-8300), a great source of plant-based cooking from the hands of Trezel Brown. Their vegan mac and cheese, fried chicken, and lasagna turn the tale about what plant-based food can be.

The arc

Although the Gateway Arch is the symbol of our trade fair city, which is visited by people from all over the world, the area around the site still seems a bit out of the way. The once thriving Laclede’s Landing has certainly seen better days, but there are a handful of places determined to make the area a travel destination again. Kimchi Guys (612 North 2nd Street, 314-766-4456), landing visionary Munsok So’s standout Korean fried chicken spot, could make the area a culinary destination in itself. For a more formal experience, the longtime steakhouse Al’s Restaurant (1200 North 1st Street, 314-421-6399) is an absolute icon of the area. The steamboat-themed bar is a St. Louis landmark. Across the street is the delightful coffee shop Café de Blaire (442 North 4th Street, 314-737-7701) in the middle of downtown, but feels like a warm neighborhood thanks to its wonderful coffee drinks, pastries, and ice cream. Of course, if it’s the ice cream you’ve craved – and enough bacon to lose ten years of your life – there is no better place than Crown Candy Kitchen (1401 St. Louis Avenue, 314-621-9650) to St. Louis landmark and lunch counter that rivals the arch as the region’s greatest icon.

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