The best St. Louis pranks

ST. LOUIS, Mon. – The April Fool’s joke is just around the corner. When reviewing social media, be sure to review any story that sounds too good to be true.

In recent years, it has become a trend for brands to post “false news” about new products or services on or around April 1st. These stories can generate additional publicity – and depending on how well the humor hits the mark, cause moans or giggles.

Volkswagen of America made false claims this week that it would change its brand name to “Voltwagen” to emphasize its commitment to electric vehicles, only to reverse course on Tuesday and admit the alleged name change was a joke. It was a prank that didn’t go down well after the high profile emissions scandals.

The April Fool’s Day is back, as are the company’s pranks

Many St. Louis companies, organizations, and institutions have fun with their fans today. Hopefully your posts hit the mark. Here are some of the pranks they play in St. Louis:

Imos Pizza:

The motto of the local pizza chain is “The incomparable place”. So it seemed lazy when they launched a new pizza on April 1st.

“We introduce our pizza! The same crunchy, crunchy taste you love, with sticky provel, fresh toppings, cut into triangles, not squares! What do you think? 😀 ”- Imos Pizza on Facebook.

Schlafly Beer:

The St. Louis Brewery is known for classic craft beers. So it seemed a little strange when they launched a range of beers that tasted like iconic St. Louis sandwiches. The pictures are weird.

“Our brewers must have been hungry when they came up with the idea for our latest sampler pack. Inspired by some of the iconic St. Louis sandwiches that we all know and love, this sturdy sampler pack brings a whole new meaning to the term midday beer. Pastry stouts are like this in 2020, ”writes Schlafly Beer on Facebook.

Pastry stouts are so 2020 so let’s move on to a little more filling. Introducing our newest sampler pack, inspired by St. Louis Sammies, that gives a whole new meaning to the term lunch beer.

– Schlafly Beer (@Schlafly) April 1, 2021

Ballwin Police:

The Ballwin Police Department publishes a weekly crime summary on Facebook every Monday. Whoever writes it may have wanted to consider a career in comedy. The department went beyond that April Fool’s joke and introduced a new police cruiser:

“After months of research, the PD has selected a new flagship for the next generation of the Ballwin Patrol Car. The Aston Martin gives our fleet the versatility our vehicles will need in the future. The short distance between vehicles in connection with the retractable roof offers our fleet many opportunities to expand over the years. We waited to announce this change, and today it seemed most appropriate, ”the Ballwin Police Department writes on Facebook.

Unexpected development:

NextSTL is a blog dealing with architecture and development in the region. Over the years there have been many projects connecting celebrities and exclusive locations. But this one takes the cake. Ted Koplar and Stan Kroenke team up for a new building in the Central West End. The huge building overlooking Forest Park will have a QuikTrip and Walmart with service from the Delmar Loop Trolley.

Wentzville Whirl

The city of Wentzville is adding an amusement park ride to the water tower. You can even buy tickets. Just click on the link.

“The rumors are true! The Wentzville Parkway will soon be home to the Wentzville Whirl and Twirl, a carnival ride for all ages! Get your tickets today at Was just a joke. We paint the water tower. Happy April Fool’s Day, Wentzville! “Writes the city of Wentzville on Facebook.

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