The Get Down Adds Retro Flare to St. Louis Food Scene | Dining

By Mabel Suen

Opened last November in the St. Louis’ Grove business district, Get Down features cocktails, draft beers, snacks, and sandwiches, and features quirky details like a robot boxing game from the halcyon days of 1964.

The restaurant, with a playful environment decorated with damask, was created by brothers Joe and Tony Collins with Eric Kopsky. The St. Louis natives have all previously worked in the local hospitality industry, and Joe Collins, who holds a degree in hotel and restaurant management from the University of Missouri-Columbia, formed the team for the new company.

“We wanted a bar with a funky, chilled-out atmosphere,” he explains. The Get Down got its name from the lyrics of a song by a band called The Floozies. “It’s a neighborhood bar with a retro feel where people can come in and relax with a freshly made cocktail and really good food.”

The 1,800 square meter area offers space for 50 people. Recent renovations have included repairing the floors, cabins and bar, as well as repainting the ceiling and installing pendant lights. The logo’s purple-green color scheme is highlighted throughout the room, making the purple damask print wallpaper clearly visible.

Amusements include bubble hockey, the college foosball game, and board games like Guess Who? and Rock ‘Em Sock’ Em Robots, which are set up on a table to encourage guests to play over food and drink.

“I made the menus and the other two worked on the cocktail menu,” says Joe Collins. “We always wanted cocktails to be in the foreground and complement them with food. The fruits are all cut to order and we use fresh side dishes. The food is [made] also from scratch. “

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