‘The Golden Hoosier’ part of revitalizing St. Louis’ new Crown District

ST. LOUIS, MO. – A South City family opens a bar and restaurant as they continue efforts to revitalize a stretch of street that was beginning to crumble. They invite other potential entrepreneurs to make their dream come true.

The Golden Hoosier is the second public facility that the Garcia family has opened on the Kingshighway between Eichelberger and Magnolia. Ivan Garcia and his brothers also have a construction business, a real estate company, and a new venue called Casa along the Kingshighway. They want to revitalize this area with new businesses, they have renamed the area the Crown District.

You are probably wondering about the name of the bar, The Golden Hoosier. The Garcias take what was sometimes a negative word for some people and make it more positive.

The place is named after his father-in-law who was a pastor, drank deer bee and would do anything for anyone. So the Golden Hoosier.

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