This St. Louis County mother has fostered more than 200 children

Geri Brotherton and her husband have been nursing for almost half a century without any plans. “Every child needs someone to love them,” she said.

BRIDGETON, Mon – Nobody has ever measured how much love a heart can hold, but Geri Brotherton never seems to get to the bottom.

There is nothing she likes better than spending time with her children or grandchildren. But this is a woman who not only has a pedigree, but also an orchard.

“It’s over 200 but we lost the real number,” she told us.

Geri and her husband Bill have been foster parents for almost 50 years. They open their arms and hearts to dozens of children in need.

And it all started with a little boy.

“He came straight from the hospital. We had him for 6 months,” she said.

We all have family pictures, but if you go through their albums there is a different family in each picture. But they all have a topic.

“Every child needs someone who loves them,” said Geri.

Every time a child came to their house it was easy to say “I love you”. Say goodbye, not so much.

“Yes and no,” explained Geri’s husband, Bill. “Yes, it was difficult because we were attached to them and no because we knew they would go to a good or better place.”

Now remember, the Brotherton have three biological children.

“One thing I always asked my mom is when would I be adopted?” Kayla Brotherton McMahon, Geri’s biological daughter, said with a laugh. “I always asked that. ‘When will I be adopted?'”

Speaking of adoption, for some of the children the Brotherton family was not just a safe home, but a home forever. They adopted nine of the children they cared for.

“I think we’re crazy,” said Geri.

No matter how often the family has changed, we learned that Geri has stayed the same. Always give and never give up children.

“I became a mom,” Kayla said, “and my daughter was born prematurely. My mom dropped everything to come to the hospital with me and sit there and talk me through things and hold me when I’m really sad was. It is fair. ” an amazing woman. “

What kind of Mother’s Day gift would you give to who has been a mother to more than 200 children? Geri is happy with Kayla’s plan.

“She said she would come over and remove the weeds from the flowerbed. That will work for me,” Geri said with a smile.

Geri Brotherton shows us all that it is not biology that makes a family. It is love.

“She’s an incredible role model for all of us,” said Kayla.

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