Tigin Irish Pub closes in downtown St. Louis

The Tigin Irish Pub & Restaurant has closed on the restaurant’s Facebook page on March 25, according to an announcement by owners Libby Baer and Kieran McGill.

The post read in part: “We closed our doors on March 19, 2020 due to the shutdown of COVID-19. We thought this closure would be temporary in the relatively short term. first a few weeks, then a few months. It’s been a whole year now. We believe that downtown St. Louis will eventually recover from the pandemic, and if it does, we’d love to continue to be a part of it. However, at the moment we have decided to close the pub indefinitely. “

In the post, the owners said they couldn’t settle for a single farewell photo and hoped that customers would share their photos in the comments section for a journey back in time together. Customers responded (especially on Bär’s personal page) in a tissue-grasping manner. “Some days you wonder why you are doing what you are doing,” Baer muses. “When you see dozens of supportive photos like this one, remember.”

Tigin is part of a larger restaurant group, Fadó Pubs, LLC. The current list includes eight Fadó Irish pubs, a fine dining spin-off, Fadó Pub & Kitchen and two Tigin locations, the flagship in Stamford, Connecticut, and an airport pub at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Baer, ​​who still does marketing for the parent company, says the company has applied for a total of PPP stimulus funds and distributed them to the pubs with the best chance of survival. “Downtown [St. Louis] has its ebb and flow, “she said.” We’ve had good years, we survived the arrival of Ballpark Village, and then came the loss of the Rams. “Baer said downtown Covid has been particularly hard hit and that the recovery will be particularly slow.

The St. Louis outpost in downtown Hampton Inn, 333 Washington, serves both Irish and Irish influenced pub food. Shepherds pie, corned beef and potato dumplings shared the menu area with chicken tenders with a harp, sliders with Guinness Mayo and a worthy kale and barley salad. Breakfast, including an Irish breakfast of eggs, Irish sausages, strips of bacon, black pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes and Guinness cheddar bread, was served all day. Tigin displayed a selection of whiskeys (not all Irish), and one fanatic claimed the St. Louis Pub had “absolutely the best Guinness infusion in St. Louis”.

The owners, literally go up the street in Irish to bring you fashionable, ended their Facebook post with a silver lining: “As a family we’ve been through a lot and COVID has taught us that you never know what the future will bring . So we are waiting for the inner city to recover and if it does we will re-examine our options. “

George Mahe

Mahe is the restaurant editor for St. Louis Magazine. Originally a fussy eater, he has owned or operated restaurants for most of his life. He started reviewing her for SLM in 1991.

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April 1, 2021

9:23 a.m.

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