What are the 11 most endangered historical buildings in St. Louis?

St. Louis is home to a variety of architectural wonders. Whether you’re looking for Art Deco jewels or modernist icons, examples are numerous within the city limits. But not all buildings are well preserved. What are the Most Endangered Historic Buildings in St. Louis? And which buildings are symbols of well-done conservation work?

On Tuesday in St. Louis on the Air, Andrew Weil, executive director of the Landmarks Association of St. Louis, discussed the matter with host Don Marsh.

While legislation, funding, and development pose significant threats to the historic preservation of old buildings, Weil’s head is also important:

“The biggest threat is the general shortage of people who need the buildings,” he said. “From our peak we have lost more than half a million people, and with that amount of losses you have tremendous amounts of vacancies in some areas. With vacancy, you have no real economic reason or demand for many buildings. Without asking, you don’t have to repair any buildings and the buildings will go away. “

The Landmarks Association takes a three-tier approach to preserving history: advocacy, education, and promotion. Before determining that a building is “at risk”, they refer to the National Register of Historic Places, but they also examine the integrity of a neighborhood, its architectural significance, and its historical significance.

“I really think the best outcome for a historic building is that it gets used,” said Weil. “It’s not about keeping buildings under glass or turning them into museums, but rather turning them into productive service.”

Here are the buildings the St. Louis Landmarks Association listed as “Endangered” for 2016 and where to find them, in no particular order:

1. Firmin Desloge Hospital and Desloge Chapel (Find it here.)

Credit Alberto Alvarez-Perea | Flickr | http://bit.ly/1SNAKv0

The Firmin Desloge Hospital and the Desloge Chapel.

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2. St. Bridget of Erin (Find it here.)

St. Bridget by Erin

Credit Michael Allen | Flickr | http://bit.ly/26sruQV

St. Bridget by Erin

3. Missouri Belting Company / Pevely Dairy Office (Find it here.)


Credit Kelly Moffitt | St. Louis Public Radio

Missouri Belt Company

4. St. Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church (can be found here.)

Roman Catholic Church of St. Augustine

Credit Paul Sableman | Flickr | http://bit.ly/1pD4e16

Roman Catholic Church of St. Augustine

5. Remains of the Mutual Brewery (can be found here.)

6. Central High School (Find it here.)

7. Hempstead School (Find it here.)


Credit Paul Hohmann | Flickr | http://bit.ly/1SIGPWu

Hempstead School.

8.Building on the floor plan of the proposed move location for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (can be found here.)

The former Buster Brown Blue Ribbon building is slated to be demolished as part of the NGA development project.  It is north of Cass and Jefferson Streets

Credit Carolina Hidalgo | St. Louis Public Radio

The former Buster Brown Blue Ribbon is north of Cass Ave. and Jefferson Ave.

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9. Meramec River Route 66 Bridge (Find here.)

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10. Henry L Wolfner Memorial Library for the Blind (can be found here.)

Henry L Wolfner Memorial Library for the Blind

Henry L Wolfner Memorial Library for the Blind

11. James Clemens Jr.House (Find it here.)

James Clemens Jr. house

Credit Michael Allen | Flickr | http://bit.ly/1MXwdns

James Clemens Jr. house

You can read about the background of each building here.

Listen here for more background on some of the buildings at risk and find out two of the buildings the Landmarks Association of St. Louis deems “Most Improved”:

On May 19th, the Landmarks Association will announce the full list of winners for its 20th annual Most Enhanced Awards. More about it here.

Rand Vines of STL Style, a caller and board member of the Landmarks Association, said during the show, “Our built environment in St. Louis is our greatest asset over other cities.”

What buildings do you worry about the future here in St. Louis?

What do you think are the most vulnerable buildings in #STL?

We’ll discuss this tomorrow with @landmarks_stl.

– St. Louis on the Air (@STLonAir) April 25, 2016

Is there a building that you always wanted to know more about? Ask the curious Louis:

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