When is St. Louis Taco Week?

The organizers are working on printing “Taco Passports” that guests can have stamped at participating restaurants during the week

ST. LOUIS – Why stop on Taco Tuesday when you can enjoy taco specials every day during St. Louis Taco Week?

From October 19-26, chefs from 15 restaurants in St. Louis are preparing their own “unique twist on the taco” with a $ 5 taco special.

“The idea is to get people to embrace the food, culture, and love of St. Louis while they come out to eat, drink, and try new places!” according to the event website.

The organizers are working on printing “Taco Passports” that guests can have stamped at participating restaurants during the week. If you collect at least four stamps you can qualify for prizes.

Participating restaurants include well-known Mexican restaurants in the area, including Taco Circus, Mission Taco Joint, and El Burro Loco. There will also be restaurants specializing in other cuisines, including Crispy Edge Global Potstickers and The Blue Duck.

The organizers have drawn up the following list of “bids” for the participants:

  • You could go out. We expect the restaurants to be very busy. So if a seat runs out towards the end of a shift, treat it like an adult, go back the next day (earlier), order your taco special, and thank them for their hard work. Please be nice to our restaurants.
  • There will likely be a wait: the excitement for the very first St. Louis Taco Week has increased! Don’t be surprised if restaurants have to wait. Indeed, be surprised if they don’t.
  • Tip like a pro: $ 5 brings out the cheap in all of us, but in reality, you’re probably getting a $ 10 taco special. So tip at least 20%. The people who serve you work harder during taco week than they do an average week. A kind word will also be welcome – these people are our friends and neighbors.
  • You should buy a drink and / or other food: buying side dishes and extras is not a requirement, but we think it says a lot to those who work hard to give you an exceptional experience. Get a queso, iced tea, soda or cocktail and say thank you!
  • Check out social media. Restaurants are encouraged to post their waiting times and remaining tacos for the day on their social platforms. Also, don’t forget to share and tag your photos with #STLTacoWeek
  • Dine-in (optional due to COVID). Just one final note that many restaurants may require you to dine for their taco specialties. Take-away may be subject to an overvoltage charge, depending on the specific restaurant’s policies. Make sure to check the official weekly taco pass to confirm which locations are performing and which are only serving food.

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