Where to Find a Sample Ballot for the Upcoming St. Louis Mayoral Election

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If you can’t tell about all the fighting on Facebook already, the big local elections are coming up soon.

In this election, the residents of St. Louis elect the city’s new mayor. This election is monumental for a number of reasons, including the fact that both of the candidates on the ballot are women, both are considered progressive, and both were winners of St. Louis’ first experience of the “consent” voting system which voters could vote for as many candidates as they approved on their ballot in elementary school.

The election is slated for Tuesday April 6th and there are plenty of ways to prepare for the big day.

In addition to doing your research on Tishaura Jones and Cara Spencer, requesting a postal vote if you need one, and examining candidates for the school board, you can also take a look at a sample choice on stlouis-mo.gov.

The ballot provided by the city shows all of the things the people will vote for on April 6th, including sixteen Aldermanic races and seven different proposals.

If you have additional questions about the voting process, please contact the St. Louis City Election Commissioners. They can be reached at 314-622-4336 for general questions and at 314-622-3230 for postal voting questions.

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